It’s good to play a character with shades of grey: Komal Aziz

Latest   November 27, 2018
In the era of Saas – Bahu sagas, Komal Aziz excels by going out-of-the-box!


When you compile the list of promising actors in Pakistan, Komal Aziz’s name pops up in the list as one of those actresses who doesn’t shy away from taking challenging roles on TV.

In the era of Saas – Bahu sagas, she does find it hard to do the kind of roles she wants but whenever given the chance, she excels by going out-of-the-box. Currently, she is part of Hum TV’s Bisaat e Dil where she shares the screen with the dashing Shahroz Sabzwari and plays a character that has shades of grey.

How would you describe your role in Bisaat e Dil because it neither seems positive or negative?

Without revealing much because there is a lot that’s left, all I can say is that the role falls in the grey area and is very different from anything I have ever done.

The girl Anya has so many shades yet she is real at the same time and many females out there will be able to relate to her. She is not the regular seedhi saadhi vanilla type of a girl but has a lot of fire inside her; she is both ambitious and passionate and wants to be out of her poverty-ridden life.

Not only is she very vocal about it but she understands what she wants in life. Her biggest flaw is her lack of exposure and that’s why when she thinks that a knight in shining armor will save her, she goes wrong. Trust me, there is more to the character and you will be surprised by the many transitions she goes through in the remaining episodes.

How was the experience of working with Shahroz Sabzwari?

It was a wonderful experience of working with Shahroz as he is very respectful and professional actor. His co-actors enjoy great friendship and chemistry with him even onscreen as well as off it.

As a female co-actor, I must say that he is great at taking pictures and with him around, I know that I have someone who can take good pictures of me and then edit them as well. I love listening to his stories about his childhood and how he has changed after his marriage, giving us lots of hope regarding married life and a good husband-wife relationship.

What’s more difficult on TV – doing comedy or tragedy?

I would say definitely comedy; we are doing tragedy all the time as most of the time we play damsels in distress. Comedy is where the real test happens and you can see from the absence of any good quality TV show that it’s quite difficult. There aren’t any TV shows that have gained a momentum and attention in the comedy genre and we need that to break the taboo.

Ishq-e-Benaam, Jittani, Gumraah and now Bisaat e Dil, Hum TV has been more like a home to you. Right?

Yes, it is my home, it is my safe haven. It is because of Hum TV that I have survived in this industry; it is because of their support that I quit my job in San Francisco and moved to Pakistan to act in dramas. Hum TV is the place where educated girls from good families started their careers and I am comfortable with them the most.

For someone who wasn’t part of the industry, I was scared of joining show business as we had heard a lot about couch casting and other things but not about Hum TV.

It is a channel owned by a woman (Sultana Siddiqui) with string independent women leading Moomal Entertainment and MD Productions that produce good quality content for them. Since they are the ones who make the best dramas, I feel safe working with them and owe a lot to them.