Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chankaar – A brilliant play & must watch for Theater enthusiasts

Blogs   April 28, 2018
Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chankaar is a delight to watch.

There was a time when theaters used to be one of the prides of Pakistan, with the passage of time, like other entertainment providing platforms, theatre also suffered from a dip, thankfully, Jhaanjhar Di Paawaan Chhankaar doesn’t fall under same category.

Sarmad Sultan Khoosat has made a prominent place after Manto – a delight to watch. Written by Saeed Rahman and Fatima Maan, the play features total 4 cast members including Sarmad Khoosat, Zain Afzal, Samiya Mumtaz and Iman Shahid.

Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chankaar revolves around Hamza (Zain Afzal) who is sightless by birth but wants to become a musician and shifts to a new house in Lahore from Sheikhupura. Hamza’s mother Mrs. Rubina Sohail (Samiya Mumtaz) wants Hamza to stay with her as she is very protective about him because of his blindness and emotional imbalance.

Although, Hamza is perfect and exemplary by all means, even better than those who can see, as per his next-door neighbor Zaman (Sarmad Khoosat). Zaman is a carefree, passionate about freedom and flamboyant character who is opposite to what Hamza is; but they both become good friends the moment they start to interact.

Zaman is a struggling actor who is doing a film directed by Imaan. What happens in that one room apartment in 1 hour 50’ish minutes is what Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chankaar is all about.

The play is brilliantly written and it’s a combination of wittiness, intelligent satire and intense performances. One liners and punchlines are very smart; audience claps throughout because of the sheer entertainment quotient in abundance.

Saeed Rahman and Fatima Maan have done an astounding work and they should be appreciated for the original and though-provoking concept.

Sarmad Khoosat is the super-star. The way he portrays Zaman’s character is just flawless. He makes sure that audience notices him even when he doesn’t have any lines to say. The way he moves, walks, takes pauses and delivers his dialogues; it’s impeccable. Sarmad makes you laugh, whistle, and dance with this performance.

Zain Afzal is very impressive himself, as visually impaired Hamza. Zain’s emotional scenes and satirical scenes are highlight of the play. His confrontation with his mother is very nicely executed and performed.

On the other hand, Samiya Mumtaz proves that she is a very polished actress and the way she performs her character is simply delightful. Her interactions with Sarmad keep audience highly entertained. Her ironic remarks are so natural that viewers love what comes out of her mouth. Imaan Shahid is good.

Jhaanjhar Di Paanwaan Chankaar is a delight to watch, it’s one of those theater plays where you get a reassurance that the theater industry of Pakistan can come up with genuinely good content and greater performances. It doesn’t require a huge cast to pull off a good, interesting and engaging theater act.

Sarmad Khoosat and Kanwal Khoosat received standing ovation last night for bringing the play in front of the theater enthusiasts. Go watch Jhaanjar Di Paanwaan Chankaar if you want to have a good time and enjoy every bit of it.

Highly recommended: 4 / 5