Khaas touches upon a major issue and the audience agrees!

Blogs   July 2, 2019
Every individual is 'Khaas', agreed?

Written by Sarwat Nazeer and directed by Danish Nawaz, Khaas is indeed a special drama as it shows a side of the society that many choose to ignore.

Starring Ali Rehman Khan as ‘Ammar’ and Sanam Baloch as ‘Saba’ in lead roles, Khaas is a story of a narcissist who believes he should get whatever he sets his mind to regardless of whether it’s an object or a woman.

Ammar is shown to be a handsome yet self-centered man who chooses to see nothing but himself and seems to think that the world revolves around him and his wishes. Every other human being to him is ‘not Khaas’, especially his wife Saba.

Saba on the other hand is this beautiful, full of life and strong headed girl who believes that women should not be treated differently than men, aims to do a job, live her life to the fullest and wants to make something of herself.

Falling for Ammar’s false claims she agrees to marry him only to find out that he is the exact opposite of what he chose to show before marriage:

Ammar is the height of self obsession and here’s proof:

Here’s how Ammar shows his true colors after marriage leaving Saba nothing but disappointed..

The audience had mixed reviews on Khaas saying Saba didn’t know how to establish a proper relationship with her in-laws but Mira Sethi wasn’t having any of it and spoke in favor of Khaas by saying:

More tweets came in saying:

We have to applaud Ali Rehman’s acting though. He has fit into the skin of the character so well that we’ve began to hate him and it’s sad to see that men like him exist.

What are your views?