‘Kyun nikala’ to bring back lost glory of theatre

Arts & Culture   August 8, 2018
Renowned playwright Anwar Maqsood’s piece 'Kyun Nikala' is set for release on the eve of Independence Day.

For three years, theatre audience in major cities of Pakistan waited with a deep breath for the moment that is finally here – the return of Anwar Maqsood to the theatre.

In the past years, Karachi’s theatre circuit churned more trash than quality plays. For three years, cinema was the preferred choice of the audience since the kind of intellectual dramas they had grown accustomed to were not being produced. All this is set to change with Kyun Nikala that has been produced by Kopykats Productions, directed by Dawar Mahmood and penned by Anwar Maqsood who breaks his self-exile with a play that will make you laugh, cry and think at the same time.

When asked about what made him break out the hiatus, Anwar Maqsood said that he couldn’t let Dawar and team suffer any more losses and decided to pen a script that was original, current and above all, as per the theme of his collaborations with Kopykats.

Kyun Nikala was conceived because the audience was not getting anything that had substance. The reputation of Dawar and his team was at stake and since I had written Haaf Playt, Aangan Terrha and August series for them, I couldn’t just sit and do nothing and that’s why I decided to write Kyun Nikala.’

Unlike other Anwar Maqsood – Dawar Mahmood collaborations, this one will have an entirely new cast except for the main characters. Veteran actor Sajid Hasan will essay the role of Chaudhry sahib who is a Pakistan Muslim League (N) supporter and who is being coerced by other parties to ditch the Noon League for their party; Mohsin Ejaz will play the Bengali cook who tries to steer his master towards the right path but is instead sacked after working in the house for 30 years.

Talking to Spotlight, Sajid Hasan said that he was very happy at being part of an Anwar Maqsood play, his first with the veteran writer in 26 years, the last being Sitara Aur Mehrunisa.

 ‘Twenty-Six years is a long time but during this time, I have been a regular visitor to his house, he has been a very dear teacher of mine; I love him no end.’

‘It was strange and sad at the same time that we didn’t work much but now I am enjoying every minute of being part of one of his theatre plays. I hope the audience loves it as much as I loved working in the play; I am trying my best to do justice to the intricate character of the Chaudhry because it has been written in typical Anwar Maqsood manner and delivers opinions that need to be voiced. It was a wonderful experience of working with Dawar Mahmood and his young team under the guidance of Anwar Maqsood and I am keeping my fingers crossed for the success of the play.’

Kyun Nikala ?!?! (Teaser # 1)

Kyun Nikala ?!?! (Teaser # 1)

Posted by KopyKats Productions on Monday, June 11, 2018


Mohsin Ejaz who plays the Bengali cook believes that the audience will love the play because it has been written by the best in the business.

‘As a performer, playing a character written by Anwar sahab is nothing short of a treat. His dialogues to an actor are what Yellow Sun is to Superman; get the body language right and you’re good to go. Coming from a Punjabi background and playing a Bengali cook is a challenge but the director knows his work and I am confident that I’ll pull it off … fingers crossed.’

On the maestro’s long absence from the theatre scene, all Mohsin could say is that he is happy that the absence is a thing of the past.

‘Three long years since Anwar sahib wrote for the stage. His name is enough to guarantee success since he knows what the audience wants and what their expectations are from him. Knowing what he has to offer to his viewers in Kyun Nikala, I can simply assure you that Scene Sakhat On Hai Boss!! My message to the theatre lovers in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad is that although the play isn’t an ordinary political satire, you will seriously laugh out loud!’

Kyun Nikala will also feature veteran theatre actor Nazar Hussain in multiple roles, something he is used to as he did the same thing in Aangan Terrha when it was first staged. What will be his role and how the others will perform is something you will only get to know when you buy the ticket and watch the play, starting from 13th August 2018!