Meera Ansari talks about entertainment industry, growing up with her mother Bushra Ansari and much more

Latest   May 19, 2018
Meera Ansari has always kept away from acting and she has two reasons for it.

Having a family background in media has been a major and positive influence on Meera. Scion of an iconic personality with diverse qualities, Meera is very different from Bushra Ansari.

We sat down with the beauty to know more about her life, career choices and growing up with the talented lady Bushra Ansari.

Meera Ansari has always kept away from acting and she has two reasons for it. First it was never a driving force and secondly the young lady was never passionate about it like her mother.

“First it was never a driving force or let’s say I wasn’t driven towards this side because it’s time consuming and I have seen my mother working so hard, so it was my choice not to go for it. The second reason was I wasn’t passionate about it.”

However, I really respect this profession it’s just that I was never fascinated by it. I have been approached many times to take part in serials and films but I always tell them not right now! Maybe in the near future I might consider it if it’s inspiring enough,” Meera shares.

Her parents deeply steeped in media, never pushed her into acting. “I have always been proud of my mother who has been working since she was very young, and she continues to work hard and has become more popular through the years. She let me decide what I wanted to do in life.”

Talking about her mother Bushra Ansari, an iconic personality with diverse qualities, Meera said: “She’s a multitasking person and I am very different from her.”

“I am not an outgoing person, I don’t socialize much, in short, I am an introvert. My mother on the other hand is dynamic; she is passionate about her work and continues to be. At this age I see her working, I believe one has to have that passion which comes from within. It’s been a driving force for her as she’s still motivated and does it tirelessly. On the other hand I have done some commercials and people say that I do have acting skills and I should go for it.”  

Does Meera feel overshadowed by such an iconic figure?

“Not at all! I don’t think I even feel that way. As I said my mother has that passion ever since she joined media and nature wise I am totally opposite of how she is. I am not an actress while she has got great acting skills, she’s exceptional and that’s an innate quality.”

Both her sister Nariman who lives in Canada and she never felt while growing up that they were neglected by their parents, however busy they were.

“We knew the nature of our parents work and it became normal routine for us. They never made us feel that we were alone that way. Our grandmother used to be with us when they were out for shoots, and at that time, to be honest we weren’t living a luxurious life as life for artists was difficult and we belonged to a middle class family, we had no driver or servant  as such. My parents are self-made and they made their own names through their work.”

Bushra Ansari would always give them time no matter how busy her schedule used to be. “Both my parents were like that, even when Mom used to go abroad for work she used to take us along with her.”

When asked about her future plans Meera very categorically said her family comes first. She has small children, a nine-year old son and a daughter who is one-and-a-half. “I don’t know if I will make any major changes in my lifestyle but for now I want to focus on my private life. However, I will continue with commercials that I find interesting.

As I have said earlier working in media has never been a driving force and never attracted me, fame is always secondary to me. “My priorities are quite different. I respect showbiz, it’s just that it has never been my cup of tea. I am content in my private life and I find peace at home. I remember doing shoots even in my pregnancy back then, but thinking long-term I will go for better brands and will work on good projects in the future.”

Meera is shocked with what young models and artists are doing these days to go up in their careers.

“I have seen young models coming in this industry going for plastic surgery, Botox and what not, all sorts of artificial things at such a young age. Girls shouldn’t take the risk by doing all these things. I believe everyone is unique, and I am happy with what nature has given me. I wonder why any client would come to you if you are so artificial.”

Doing these things without any research is so sad and they don’t eat healthy either. I am totally against this because sooner or later they will regret it as it has got so many side effects and the negative side will show. I don’t think it’s worth your money seriously. One thing if you notice, girls who have done all these surgeries look the same, there’s nothing unique about them.

Meera added that she would support her kids if they wanted to enter into the media industry. “As I have grown up in showbiz its normal for me. I want to break stereotypes as people make perceptions about people working in media. Not everyone is the same, we are living an ordinary life and one should not judge a book by its cover. Everyone has a story. My kids can choose whatever profession they want to go for. Now the media industry is flourishing and educated families having good backgrounds are stepping in. So it’s different now compared to the past. There is respectability now.”