Mehwish Hayat is set to rock with her first Meethi Eid release!

Film & Drama   May 31, 2019
Tamgha-e-Imtiaz has made me aware that people will be expecting more from me: Mehwish

Mehwish Hayat is no ordinary actress.

The TV actress turned film star is one of the most popular actresses around the country and people look forward to her projects which comes once or twice a year. With Chhalawa she is all set to return to the screen since the last Eid, and this being her first Meethi Eid film makes it all the more interesting.

For a film filled with love, Spotlight decided to have a fun filled interview with the actress who wants to return to TV on her own terms, emotes energy when on the dance floor and believes in trading places in a few years.

Your sporty look in Chhalawa’s trailer reminds the audience of Punjab Nahi Jaungi where you played a headstrong girl who loved to play basketball. Do the resemblances end here or are there more similarities between the two films?

Both the films and the characters I play are quite different from one another. There is a family that lives in a haveli but the girl has no mother, has to look after a younger sister and brother and wants to marry on her own terms.

The only similarity is the wedding genre which is why it looks the same to some. If you look closely at the trailer, you will know that there is more than meets the eye here, and that will be disclosed on the day of the film’s release. A lot hasn’t been disclosed yet because we believe in revealing the stuff at an appropriate time so the audience can enjoy the film.

Why is that every time you dance, people fell right, left and center. In fact, it makes look others good too!

I try to rope in everything in the surroundings when I dance and maybe that’s what makes others look good (smiles). In this film, others have done a fabulous job because we had a few sessions with choreographer Wahab Shah.

The most important part that made us look good was our chemistry, energy, and positivity on the set. Trust me, we never thought that we were working as every day was a picnic.

Usually during Eid, cinemas are full of films but this time, people might prefer their homes because of the World Cup. What do you have to say about that, considering your film will be releasing in this situation?

This is going to be my first Meethi Eid (Eid ul Fitr) experience because usually, all my films have released on Eid ul Azha, after huge promotions. Here, due to the Holy month of Ramzan, we are releasing our film without that much promotion.

However, I feel that this is that time of the year when people would prefer to go out and enjoy as they have money in their hands and no matter who is playing, they want to escape their home. Since Chhalawa is an entertaining film that will bring smiles on many faces, what better way to spend your Eidi and money than watch it. I am excited about the film and believe that ‘word of mouth’ will play an important role in the film’s success.

There seems to be a dearth of good topics in our dramas, especially for the females. Is that the reason why you prefer to stay away from that medium?

I know that my fans want me to return to TV but that’s only possible when we have good scripts and are ready to explore new genres. It’s about time we are done with saas-bahu plays because the audience has had enough of it.

I would like to do an action character anytime soon like the Wonder Woman who fights for the right because that’s the kind of stuff we are missing on our TV. If we give such stuff to the audience, who knows they might take a liking to it and we might end up exploring other genres as well, on both TV and films.

You have done acting on TV and films; have sung songs in OSTs and Coke Studio, was part of Pakistan’s first web-series while we see you in advertisements as well. What else remains on your wish list that still needs to be ticked?

I think that not many women have given back to the industry as directors and I might go behind the camera soon.

You can ask my director about my ‘talent’ in remembering continuities and details which is why I believe I can do well as a director. We also had a few disagreements during the shooting but I turned out to be right and left the director impressed.

And this is Mehwish Hayat 2.0’s first film after receiving the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz. Does that add pressure on you in any way?

No matter how many films or TV projects I do, Chhalawa will always remain close to my heart because it was during its shooting that I got to know that I had been shortlisted for such an honor.

The Tamgha-e-Imtiaz has made me aware that people will be expecting more from me and I have to be more humble and responsible in the future. Allah has been very kind and I would try to live up to the expectations that come up with the honor.