Mehwish Hayat, Zara Noor Abbas steal the show in Chhalawa Trailer

Film & Drama   April 22, 2019
This is a must watch this Eid Ul Fitr 2019!

The trailer of the most anticipated Eid release Chhalawa is here and we are more than anxious to watch the film now.

Not only does it have the ravishing Mehwish Hayat but also Zara Noor Abbas who surprises us with a happy-go-lucky role for a change.

The film may remind you of many yesteryear Pakistani and Indian films but from the trailer, it looks as fresh as something not seen before. With as many as three new faces in the film (not counting Azfar’ cameo in Punjab Nahi Jaungi), the film will only have Wrong No.2 as its competition, and the trailer so far has proved this to be the better film.

It’s Mehwish Hayat All The Way

We all know that Mehwish Hayat is super talented and with Chhalawa she will add another feather on her shoulders because it seems to be her film from start till finish. The film revolves around her character, how she tricks her widowed father whenever he comes up with marriage discussion and wants to get settled with her beau, by hook or by crook.

Plus she can dance and the way she sizzles on screen, it will have two kinds of reaction – the right-minded would watch the film for her grace, the less-minded will criticize her for dancing after a civilian award was conferred upon her. Go get them, girl!

There Is Something About Zara

And the film’s surprise package is Zara Noor Abbas who we have seen on TV so far and she is always the bechari be it in Khamoshi or Lamhay. However in this trailer, she reminds us of a young Bushra Ansari (especially the one who played Bijli) and like her aunt, she seems to be at ease whether doing a comedy or a scene that requires emotions.

For once we have an actress who doesn’t get overshadowed by the awesomeness of Mehwish Hayat and stands her ground while dancing. That stare in the trailer is enough to convince all who believe she isn’t made for films, because it seems she is!

Azfar Rehman gets the main lead, for a change!

He may not have been at his best in Enaya but Azfar Rehman looks all set to dazzle in his first film as a leading man; we know he can dance, he can act and he can fight too but for the first time, he will be fighting for the right cause, for the right girl.

The trailer might feature him as second fiddle compared to the girls but trust me, it might turn out to be his film. More power to you!

Open field for the rest of the boys …

The film’s second lead Asad Siddiqui only has a couple of dialogues in the trailer; if he acts like the first one where he is handing a train ticket, it will remind us of Yasir Hussain’s roles minus the stutter in Wajahat Rauf’s earlier films; if his acting is in the same league as the second dialogue where he described his lady’s beauty, he might end up as a winner.

Aashir Wajahat plays the very handsome brother of the very pretty sisters and could do well, quoting his own dialogue from Lahore Se Aagay, mere baap ki film hai’.

Mohsin Ejaz is back to films after his successful portrayal of a Bengali servant in Anwar Maqsood’s Kyon Nikala while Adnan Shah Tipu seems at ease playing an uncle of sorts.

As the male patriarch of the girls’ family, Mahmood Aslam does his job well although it would be an injustice if his character doesn’t have some comedy lines, considering his resurgence as someone who can do comedy well.

The biggest boy of the gang Wajahat Rauf keeps himself off from the screen (so it seems) but one hopes his behind-the-camera efforts as a screenplay writer, producer and director impresses all when the film is released.

Cinematography, music take your breath away

Asrad Khan’s cinematography is breathtaking and makes you want to visit the site in the near future. He sure knows how to make places look beautiful and grand, and that’s exactly what he has done here as well.

As for the music, although you don’t get much from the trailer, the title track and the one where all get drunk seem promising. Shiraz Uppal has been a regular in the Wajahat Rauf and it seems that the due might strike magic once again!