Millions of people watch us so it’s our responsibility to provide them good content: Maryam Nafees

Film & Drama   June 14, 2018
Working in the media industry has been a roller coaster ride.

Mariyam Nafees started her acting career in 2015 with HUM TV’s drama serial Diyar-e-Dil. Having a strong association with the channel she has done five popular serials. In this interview with GLAM, the actor speaks at length about her projects, her childhood days, and her achievements

“I believe TV is the biggest medium, millions of people watch us and it’s our responsibility to bring awareness to them and provide them with good relatable content. So, a role with depth intrigues me,” Mariyam shares while explaining her character choices.

She has been part of five plays for HUM TV including Diyar-e-Dil, Haya Kay Daman Mein, Ishq-e-Benaam, Kuch Na Kaho and Yaqeen Ka Safar.

When asked which role she found interesting or moving she replied, “The characters that I’ve portrayed are so different from one another that it’s not fair to pick one, each one of them shaped me as an actor. All of them have been extremely interesting to play. I have learned so much from them and love all of them.”

The artiste says working in the media industry has been a roller coaster ride. The creative element, fame, being independent, portraying and experimenting with different characters and meeting so many great people has been wonderful.

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“One major drawback working in this industry is staying away from home for long hours and not giving them time due to the workload.”

Mariyam feels that people think when an actor is part of the television/film industry it’s their right to judge the person and so one has to be very careful at every step and also to be protective of their privacy.

On the work front Mariyam is busy in an upcoming serial directed by Mehreen Jabbar, doing still shoots and looking into scripts.

Mariyam says she is truly blessed to have such a supportive family who understand what she wants and never have stopped her from doing things in life. “As a kid I was extremely hyper and thought sleeping was for losers and was spoilt to the hilt, and still am.” She says with an impish grin.

Apart from being possessive about her siblings, she is also very protective about them, “I’ve always been super protective of my people, me messing with them is fine but nobody else can.  So, in a nutshell I’ve had a wonderful childhood.”