Naache re, the perfect shaadi song is here and we cannot stop ourselves from dancing

Latest   August 6, 2018
Naache re from parwaaz hai junoon is sung by Jabar Abbas and Zeb Bangash.

Ever since the launch of the Parwaaz Hai Junoon trailer, the audience was wondering about the Naache Re song as it left them in a happy state of mind.

The song dominated the trailer because it provided a break from the action sequences, patriotic dialogues and shots of the military base that formed the trailer.

Now the wait is over as the perfect shaadi song of the year is out. As expected its making rounds on social media and why shouldn’t it, it doesn’t disappoint on any front.

The song has been sung by Jabar Abbas and Zeb Bangash and simply brings back the memory of Zara Dholki from Sargam that featured Azaan’s very own parents Adnan Sami Khan and Zeba Bakhtiar. Jabar Abbas’ sounds so much like Sukhwinder Singh and that’s a good thing considering many love the Chayya Chayya singer on this side of the border.

Zeb Bangash continues to impress and is no stranger to such numbers as she had a similar one in Dobara Phir Se. It may be different in composition and better in picturization but one thing is certain when the composition is from the heart than mind, it shows. Yes, the dance steps we see in the video might not make sense right now but they will when the movie is released and I am sure that people will dance on it in every shaadi afterwards.

Usually, we either see Hamza Ali Abbasi either preaching on TV or in powerful roles like the one in Waar but here a clean-shaven Hamza shows his dancing skills that reminded one of his early TV commercials where he danced in a similar fashion to sell a milk product.

The Air Force officers seem to be celebrating Shaz Khan’s wedding with Kubra Khan with everyone dancing their hearts out including Hamza’s potential love interest Hania Aamir, fellow officers Alamdar Khan (who played the main lead in Dance Kahani a few years back) and Mustafa Changezi. Then there is Marina Khan who plays Hania’s mother and Rashid Khawaja who always adds a cool effect on the screen with his positive image as someone’s father.

One wonders when we would see Ahad Raza Mir doing ‘an Hamza’ as so far he has just appeared in uniform in whatever clips we have seen of him. With only three weeks remaining, the audience is waiting anxiously for Parwaaz Hai Junoon and in a few days, they will get to see their favourite actors flying high and making their country, and fans, proud.