Pakistani actresses taking it one step forward

Latest   March 13, 2019
They came, they acted, they won hearts.

Pakistani actresses have proven their mettle by working very hard and doing some extremely great work this year.

Some of the relatively new comers this year have also done great exceptionally well and we are totally waiting for more of them in the coming year.

Here are some of the actresses that we loved seeing onscreen because of their acting and perfect dialogue delivery:

Yumna Zaidi – Inkaar

Dramas like UdaariPagli, Sang e Mar Mar  and  Dar Si Jati Hai Sila have paved way for many under-reported and underexposed crimes like child sexual abuse, sexual abuse at the hands of near and trusted individuals and honor killing as well.

Recently, we saw the new drama serial Inkaar which revolves around a similar taboo subject. Although we are not aware of the exact story as it’s only been one episode but Yumna’s powerful dialogue ‘Nahi ka matlab hota hai..Nahii!!’ has ensured us to that this will be another drama that will be breaking stereotypes.

Nahi ka matlab hota hai..Nahii!!نہیں کا مطلب ہوتا ہے۔۔نہیں!!#Inkaar | Starting from Tonight at 8:00 PM on #HUMTV

Posted by Inkaar on Monday, March 11, 2019

Sarah Khan – Mere Humdam

From making her debut in Badi Aapa on HUM TV to waiting for Deewar e Shab to air, Sarah Khan has grown so as an actress and has achieved much recognition in the previous years.

She is no less in Mere Humdam. Playing the role of Wardah to utmost perfection, she has won the hearts of many!

Here’s an up-close and personal interview:

Ainy Jaffri Rehman – Tajdeed E Wafa

The versatile Ainy Jaffri who has come a long way from doing voice overs, a blockbuster film is now airing in Tajdeed E Wafa and has done justice to her character completely.

We spotted her at the HUM Style Awards earlier in 2018 and here’s what she has to say:

Sajal Aly – Aangan

Sajal Aly has emerged as one of the leading actresses in Pakistan during the last few years; be it her strong performance in Bollywood flick Mom or in our very own O Rangreza she has won (and broken) hearts with her fiery performance on the screen.

In Aangan she gets to play a character that was tailor-made for her as only she could have carried it forward. You needed someone who was young, who was in love and who was rebellious in nature, and if those qualities are added together, Sajal Aly would be the answer.

We payed a little tribute to her this Women’s Day:

Aiman Khan – Baandi

We completely adored Aiman Khan in Ishq Tamasha, but in Baandi she truly shines as Meeru, a young girl brought from the village to the big city who faces a harsh time.

Aiman has proven her worth as a credible actress in the drama and shows that she can essentially carry off a strong role with ease. This drama has a very good message for the audiences that true humanity lies in how we treat those who are weaker than us.

Iqra Aziz – Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

The last two years have definitely been Iqra’s as she gave nothing but hits and has displayed a variety of roles. Her sparky and uninhibited portrayal of her characters makes her seem effortless but that’s mainly because this young actress is VERY talented. Be it Khamoshi, Suno Chanda or Ranjha Ranjha Kardi, we totally adore her.

We couldn’t stop ourselves from appreciating her this Women’s Day for all the strong roles she has done so far:

Hania Aamir – Anaa

Who doesn’t know the Parwaaz Hai Junoon girl, Hania Aamir. Being the only female actress in the movie, Hania stood out for a lot of reasons; one of them being her brilliant acting skills. From there onward she has made her debut in acting with her latest drama Anaa.