Pakistani students outshine at Kenya Climate Olympiad

Arts & Culture   September 14, 2018
Mukkaram and Yasir awaits government’s acknowledgment.

Be it in the field of sports or education, Balochistan has a lot of talent. 

Two students, Mukarram Fatah and Yasir Jan residing in Jaffarabad and Chagai, known to be one of the most deprived areas of Balochistan, have won silver and gold medals in the Global Climate Change Olympiad which was held in Nairobi, Kenya.

They participated in the Global Climate Change Olympiad held in April this year in Nairobi and both of them clinched medals in different categories, making Balochistan proud.

Yasir Jan, a 16-year-old student from Chagai won a silver medal for presenting an alternative for cutting down trees for wood, by using pine needles to make chipboards.

In northern areas, pine needles are available in large quantity all year long. Pine needles are prone to catch fire during the summer which results in wildfires.

While experimenting Yasir discovered that pine needles have the ability to withstand considerable mechanical stress such as resistance to compression, impact and bending. By making the chipboard has found an alternative to using trees for furniture and a way to prevent wildfires.

On another hand, Mukkaram Fatah, a 13-year-old student from Jaffarabad won Gold medal in the junior category for creating a mosquito repellant from the peels of oranges.

He worked on his idea by drying the peels and turning them into a mosquito coil which he burned in his hotel to see whether his hypothesis was correct or not.

Both the experiments were successful and the best thing about them is that there are no harmful side effects as they are made purely from organic materials.

Despite of this achievement, Mukkaram and Yasir awaits government’s acknowledgment, especially the education department.

“We did a press conference along with our principal and some news channels have also taken our interviews, but unfortunately not a single government official approached us,” they lamented.