HUM NETWORK LTD. has always valued its online visitors & cares about how their personal information is being used and shared. The principle purpose behind gathering and putting away the visitors’ data is to enhance customer services and the nature of the site. We know about our obligation to maintain and utilize visitors’ information with extreme privacy and security. Regardless of the conditions, we DO NOT lease or offer any client/visitor information that we gather on the web. However, we do impart information to third parties meeting in specific situations. You can discover insights about third – party information exchange by pursuing the point entitled “Third Party Sharing”.


The policy behind this strategy is to depict why we gather individual data of our visitors, under what conditions we impart it to third parties and how we utilize the gathered data.

Collection of Personal Information:

We collect different sets of information as per the given circumstances. The breakdown of information gathering for different visitors’ type is as follow:

  • For Feedback, General Queries & Comments:
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Contact Number
    4. Address
  • For Business Associates & Vendors:
    1. Company Information
    2. Contact Person
  • For Careers & Job Seekers:
    1. Complete BIO
    2. Education
    3. Employment History

Use of Collected Information:

Gathered data of online visitors is utilized in various ways. Data is utilized to process requests and general queries. Customer data is likewise spared and kept up in our databases and used to process HUM NETWORK LTD. dealings with partners. Our vendors, clients, associates and job seekers may likewise get updates with respect to our services and site. We may utilize all gathered data for any further change to the site and to the facilities offered by HUM NETWORK LTD. at any given time.

The data we gather from job seekers is utilized exclusively for the sole purpose of assessing their suitability for a specific vacant position at HUM NETWORK LTD. The data might be imparted to management and department managers for the sole reason of guaranteeing that the best applicant is enlisted & gets on-board. We ensure job seekers that their information is maintained with strict confidentiality and regard to privacy.

Third Party Sharing:

Third party data sharing is strictly done for the reasons of managing and maintaining user information, fulfilling promotional requests and to communicate with associates and clients. The information sharing is conducted on an agreement complying that the Third Party has no right or authority for whatsoever reasons to use the given data for other purposes.

Security of Personal Information

We ensure and guarantee that the data submitted by online visitors on our site remains well – protected and much secured against any abuse or misuse. In order to safeguard the data, use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology has been ensured which encodes all data put together by the visitors, clients, customers, and others. Ultimately, this enables us to keep our data base quite protected and secure.

The Use of Cookies

Cookies are basically the alphanumeric identifiers that are exchanged to hard drives of visitors’ personal computers through the Web browser. We utilize cookies to empower our frameworks by perceiving and recalling their browsing activity on our site during their last visits so as to serve them better.