Qazi Wajid: Characters that were classic!

Latest   February 13, 2018
Qazi Wajid left millions of his fans shocked with his last bow as he went in search for the ‘answer of life’ on February 11, 2018.

Buqrat, yeh zindagi kia hai’, asked Faran sahib in Haseena Moin’s classic drama serial Tanhayyan; Jamshed Ansari’s Buqrat replied with ‘Zindagi Ik Muamma Hai, Jis Ka Hal Kahin Kho Chuka Hai.’

Qazi Wajid left millions of his fans shocked with his last bow as he went in search for the ‘answer of life’ on February 11, 2018.

Although he had worked in countless plays during his more than half a century association with TV, there were a few characters that couldn’t have been played by anyone else but him.

Let’s take a look at five of the iconic characters that made him a household name and a living legend during his lifetime.

Shamshoo in Taleem e Baalighan

Qazi Wajid debuted on TV way after he had tried his hand at Radio, Film and Theatre – he was, in fact, one of the few actors who had worked everywhere before TV came to the country and that worked in his favour. As soon as the Karachi Center of PTV started producing plays, Qazi Wajid found his true calling.

As Shamshoo the Barber in Khwaja Moinuddin’s Taleem e Baalighan, he entertained all courtesy a stint playing the same character on stage. Along with Subhani Ba Yunus and Mehmood Ali, the trio played the character for over 4 decades until death did them apart. In fact, Qazi Wajid replaced Mehmood Ali as the Master Ji in the latest version of the play aired on TV a few years back.

Raja in Khuda Ki Basti

Khuda Ki Basti remains one of those TV plays that never get old – the first time it was aired on TV in 1969, this Shaukat Siddiqui play made people fall in love with TV. Five years later it was reshot and re-telecast because the PTV authorities lost some of the footage of the original series.

Qazi Wajid played Raja who was friends with Behroz Sabzwari’s Nausha and although he wasn’t an honest man, he was a friend to his friends. Qazi Wajid’s tapori style was the highlight of the play and propelled him towards stardom.

Siddiqui sahib in Ankahi

Qazi Wajid wasn’t even 40 when Shoaib Mansoor and Mohsin Ali convinced him to play the father in law to Shakeel’s character in Haseena Moin’s Ankahi. Shakeel was older to Qazi Wajid but that wasn’t an issue because Siddiqui sahib convinced everyone that he was the older man when the two shared the screen.

As the man who gets Sana Murad (Shehnaz Sheikh) her first job and the person who cared about his family, he stole the show in the presence of Saleem Nasir’s Mamoon, Jamshed Ansari’s Timmy, Behroz Sabzwari’s Moby and Jawed Sheikh’s Faraz. Not a small achievement at all!

Faran sahib in Tanhayyan


Qazi Wajid was a veteran when Shehzad Khalil cast him as the love interest of Aani (Badar Khalil) in what went onto become the most popular TV drama of the 1980s. As the head of the family he got married into, he displayed the emotions required from his character.

Before Zara’s accident in the play, he was the uncle we all want to have as he was always cracking jokes and pampering the kids but as soon as tragedy struck, he became the man of the hour and his expressions changed completely. For me, he was his finest during the serial and if there was one character I would like to remember him as, this would be it.

Kamala aka Mama in Hawwa Ki Beti

It was the result of Sahira Kazmi’s masterstroke that Qazi Wajid was cast as the cunning Mama in this Noor ul Huda Shah play. Aired in 1990, Qazi Wajid played the main antagonist in the drama, someone who sells his own daughter for monetary gains. Sakina Samo, Nida Kazmi, and a young Adarsh Ayaz were his costars in the play that made people hate him for the time being.

Thanks to Burger Family and Family 93, he regained his lost goodness and went onto rule the hearts of his fans until his last breath.