Ranjha Ranjha Kardi: Imran Ashraf and Iqra Aziz left us spellbound

Film & Drama   October 9, 2018
Teasers of Ranjha Ranjha Kardi are intense so we caught up with the cast to know more.

The new teasers of Ranjha Ranja Kardi are here and we can’t decide who looks more amazing, Iqra Aziz or Imran Ashraf.

Although we don’t know when the drama will be on-air but as of now we can say that both the actors will shine with a power-pack performance.

Spotlight caught up with the writer of this intriguing play, Faiza Iftikhar, who has given many hits and is known for creating strong, capable heroines instead of weepy damsels in distress.

Faiza told Spotlight that Noori (played by Iqra Aziz) is one of the strongest characters she has ever written.  “As a woman, Noori may have many flaws or failings but as a person and as a human being, Noori is a very good person.”

In our society, says Faiza, it’s not necessary that a woman is a good human being.

There are other standards which society expects from women in order for them to be accepted. The audience would not accept Noori as a ‘good’ woman because she’s not modest, worries about her veil, she isn’t soft-spoken or patient or tolerant – these are all qualities of an ‘ideal’ woman in our society.

‘Noori doesn’t have a lot of these qualities and the reason why we’ve created this character is to help people see that an ideal woman doesn’t have to have a certain set of qualities to be perfect,’ Faiza added.

She went on to state: ‘Noori is a girl who doesn’t take what doesn’t belong to her and doesn’t let anyone take what belongs to her. She isn’t patient, she is belligerent, and she will stare you down and will ask you the questions that need to be asked. She will fight for what’s hers and she will do it come rain, come shine.’

Is the story based on reality?

It’s not really based on reality, says Faiza, but it does have elements of what I see around me in the society. I only had the characters in my head – and the story came later.

The characters are imagined but I am sure they must exist somewhere around us, Faiza shared.

About Bhola’s character:

“Bhola is not really crazy. He exists somewhere in consciousness and madness, he stands on a very thin line there and It was only Imran Ashraf, an actor of his merit, who could have helped Bhola stay that line and not cross it over on one side or the other.”

Faiza Iftikhar tells us that Bhola’s character is completely different from Noori. Bhola is not unaware of his surroundings. He is aware of everything around him, perhaps more than ‘normal’ people.

He can love, he can hate, he can feel jealousy, immense love and immense sadness, he can be afraid of losing everything. It’s just that he cannot express all these emotions in the way other people can.

Imran Ashraf about his character:

“It’s an odd love story,” says Imran.

“It’s away from the saas-bahu and the typical tales and dramas. It’s definitely one of the most difficult roles I’ve done,” he adds.

Imran also says that he’s a great fan of Kashif Nisar and Faiza Iftikhar though he’s slightly scared now because he expects that everyone will continue loving him and respecting him as an actor after this role.

Iqra Aziz on playing Noori:

“It’s really different to what I’ve previously done. It’s the character of a girl from a background that the world doesn’t like, the world doesn’t want to see them,’ the lead female protagonist, Iqra Aziz says.

‘She’s a garbage picker and with this background, with this family, she wants to be better than this. She wants to work for a better life, she’s doing everything that she can to make that happen.’

Iqra believes that this girl (Noori) wants to fly, she wants wings which she doesn’t have right now – and that’s the journey she takes to achieve all of that.

On talking about shooting and fitting into the character, our favorite chanda added, “It was so much fun shooting it, we had no makeup on, we had to change our looks completely, every detail in this character made it the way it is. The behavior, the look, the habits, everything is so different what I’ve done before or what you’ve seen on screen.”