Remembering the stars we lost in 2017

Spotlight   January 2, 2018
In 2017, we said farewell to many icons of film, television, and music.

The world of showbiz may have found new stars during the last 12 months but it lost many as well due to old age or unnatural causes.

Batman, James Bond and the guy behind the Six Million Dollar man all left this world due to old age (Adam West, Roger Moore, and Richard Anderson) whereas guitarist Aamir Zaki and writer-actor Neeraj Vora’s life was cut short by their sudden demise. Let’s talk about all those prominent individuals who are not with us in 2018 and pay our respect to their souls.

PAKISTAN – We lost our gems!

Pakistan’s entertainment industry was dealt with heavy blows during the year 2017 as many celebrities left for their heavenly abode. The death of famed guitarist Aamir Zaki was so sudden that people didn’t realize that he was gone even after his funeral. Novelist and Playwright Bano Qudsia also left her fans saddened with her exit this year.

Veteran TV and film actor Farooq Zameer also bade farewell to his fans as did Iftikhar Qaiser of Ab Main Bolun Kay Na Bolun fame and Khawaja Akmal of Bulbulay. Renowned poet Hasan Akbar Kamal who was famous for his patriotic songs also left this world. Three giants of the music world – Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Rais Khan and Wajahat Attre couldn’t make it past 2017, leaving their admirers sad.

INDIA – The Extraordinary

Bollywood also had its share of deaths this year with Vinod Khanna, Om Puri and Shashi Kapoor dominating the headlines. While Vinod Khanna was sick for a short time before his death in April, Shashi Kapoor was immobile for quite some time. Om Puri’s sudden death also shocked his fans all over the world considering he had delivered a hit Actor in Law in Pakistan the previous year.

Writer turned actor and director Neeraj Vora also couldn’t come out of the coma he sustained a few months back and died in the comatose state later in the year. Reema Lagoo’s death was also widely mourned as she was the first cool Mom of Bollywood and remained so for 15 years or so. Even though they were not that active in the later stages of their career, veteran actor Tom Alter and Shakila also left their fans sad with their final act.

INTERNATIONAL – All our favorites!

The fans of the DC Comic character mourned the death of Adam West who had become a pop icon during his final years, appearing in TV shows and voicing the superhero for animated flicks. The man who uttered the classic line ‘a thousand apologies’ Albert Moses (famous for playing Ranjeet Singh in Mind Your Language) also passed away during the last year.

The Titanic and Twister star Bill Paxton died unexpectedly and his death brought the end of the TV series Training Day where he played the lead role. Heather North who lent her voice to bring Daphne Blake (Scooby Doo) to life passed away in 2017 as did musician Chester Bennington, actor Miguel Ferrer and Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Magazine.

Sir Roger Moore’s death made him the first James Bond to die while Jerry Lewis’s death at 91 left many sad as they weren’t expecting him to go out like that. Home Alone’s John Heard, Magnum PI’s John Hillerman, Sir John Hurt, Martin Landau and TV’s Mannix Mike Connors also couldn’t last past 2017 like TV star Mary Tyler Moore, Powers Boothe, Richard Anderson and Sam Shepard. Fans of all these actors may not be able to see them perform but their legacy would stay alive thanks to their work.