Sabaat will have many lessons for the audience: Mawra Hocane

Film & Drama   March 28, 2020
The project has a spiritual value to it, Mawra added.


With its premiere just mere days away, Hum TV’s latest jewel in the crown appears the much-awaited drama ‘Sabaat’.

The time of its release couldn’t be more perfect. With the Corona Virus lockdown taking over the country and our Netflix playlist almost finished, we surely needed a new story to entice us.

And what could be better than a tale with a heartthrob like Usman Mukhtar gracing our screens all over again, along with powerful performers- Sarah Khan and Mawra Hocane.

However, there is another promising hunk ‘Ameer Gilani’ that will be sharing screen space along with these big-wigs in the drama. The rising star looks striking across the Hocane haseena in the promos and we are expecting a fresh, scintillating and perplexing romantic saga to soon become a part of our lives.

Penned by Kashif Anwar and directed by Shehzad Kashmiri of Aana fame, Sabaat is no run-of-the-mill project. Its plot is packed with deep lessons, surprises and mega twists for fans that will light up our Sunday nights all over again.

We sat down with the new pair in town, Mawra and Ameer to know more about Sabaat. Is it just a love story or revolves around women empowerment? The duo spill the beans!

What made you opt for Sabaat so soon after Daasi?

Mawra: Sabaat had been offered to me before Daasi and I had connected to the character as soon as I read it. The project has a spiritual value to it. It’s been a life-changing experience for me so I’m glad I jumped into shooting it a few days after Daasi. I hope our audience would like it once it airs.

The initial teaser shows Ameer head over heels in love with Aanya.  The other teaser Anaya’s fight against harassment and for empowerment. Is there a specific reason that this current matter has been made a part of the drama?

Mawra: It is only coincidental that it’s a current issue but I think harassment has been an issue from the beginning of times.

I’m happy to give back to society in whatever little capacity I can, it’s very important for our women to feel safe at the workplace, universities and on the roads for us to grow forward as a society.

Ameer: I think women empowerment is a very important topic nowadays, thankfully. It should’ve never been an issue in the first place but at least now it’s being addressed. Both men and women should fight for what’s right and support each other for it, sometimes that support can turn into love- which is why you see the contrast in the two teasers.

What should be the one reason that the audience must watch Sabaat? Will the drama have any takeaways for the viewers?

Mawra: Sabaat will have many lessons for the audience that are very intricately placed in the script. While the audience will have their learning, it won’t make the drama any less entertaining Inshaa Allah.

How was your experience working with your co-stars in the drama?

Mawra: Ameer Gilani plays my hero in this beautiful love story ‘Sabaat’ and what do I say, I have not worked with an actor so driven and dedicated in a long time. His newness brought such a fresh effect both on-screen and on the set. I’m sure the audience is going to love him. To say the least I think it won’t be long till Ameer makes his presence felt in the top actors of the country. It’s been an excellent experience working with him.

Sarah plays an extremely important character in our story as a protagonist is nothing without the antagonist. She has many years of experience. I think and believe that our energies bounced well off of each other during really difficult scenes. As Miraal, Sarah was very fierce and dominating for Anaya. I hope it has translated well on screen.

I got to learn a lot from the actors who play the role of my parents. Simi Raheal is very comfortable to work with. It seems like you’re working with someone your age as she’s so young at heart and amazing with her energy on set. Mohammed Ahmed Sahab is brilliant during scenes & humorous otherwise. With him, it’s been laughing fits and crying sessions on and off-camera.

Ameer: Mawra is one of the most humble, fun-loving people I’ve come across. She has been very helpful. She would guide me when I would struggle, motivate me when I would get nervous and applaud when I would get a scene right.

I think usually people are more consumed with how they look or perform but Mawra is one of those people who makes sure that the other person does just as good or even better, which is rare.

Sabaat is not even out yet but the hype is high for it already. What do you think is the reason? Do you think it will meet the expectations of the audience?

Mawra: It’s always scary when there’s a hype around a project but it’s also gratifying as the audience has put their faith in you even before the project. The reason could be the director Shehzad Kashmiri as he has big projects to his name and also our fan followings that I’m extremely grateful for. I hope we live up to the audiences’ expectations as there’s no bigger test than that for an actor. So fingers crossed!

Ameer: The cast, we have Mawra Hocane, Usman Mukhtar, Sarah Khan, Leyla Zuberi jee, Muhammad Ahmed sir, Simi Raheel jee and of course it’s a Shahzad Kashmiri play.

Luckily people will see my performance because of the hype that these people have created.

For those who are not aware, Sabaat will be aired every Sunday at 8:00 PM on HUM TV and starts this week! Better not miss this one.