Sammi and Aangan are changing the screen: Madiha Rizvi

Latest   November 19, 2018
"We need to stop wanting to see women crying on the screen."

Madiha Rizvi has starred in numerous plays including Hum TV’s Sammi and will soon be seen in the upcoming partition play “Aangan”. 

Spotlight caught up with this talented and versatile actress to talk more about Aangan and advice to newcomers entering the field of media.

“I choose quality over quantity.”

Aatish is on air at the moment and Aangan is next. I don’t do a lot of projects at a time. I choose quality over quantity.

The past year I’ve given to Aangan, I truly believe people will see the work I’ve put in, because I can safely say that in my eight-year-career I’ve done nothing like Aangan. I am quite excited for it. Aangan is something really big.

“Sammi’s Chaudhrayen was one difficult character.”

Talking Sammi, Madiha went on to state that it was one the most difficult role for her.

“The character itself was difficult – you have to express yourself but you can’t say much. You have to be quiet and fearful in front of the Chaudhary and you had to also be strong at many other times. It was very challenging.”

Working with actors like Rehan, Sania Apa, Adnan – you have to be very careful and that was another challenge altogether. You are surrounded by these phenomenal actors, especially Sania Apa who I look up to so much.

“She (Sania Saeed) and Savera Apa to me are two goddesses. Working with them for the first time was really something – I was shivering on the first day of the shoot!”

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Posted by Sammi on Sunday, May 28, 2017

“I don’t believe on parchi system – nepotism is there and I do not support it at all.”

I’m a proud daughter of Deeba Khanum. I can’t express how proud I am – the time and the stardom she had seen in her time, people can’t imagine that today. The standard of work and fame they saw back then – it was just another world.

“I could not have used her name for what I wanted to do – my medium was different. I was going to work for TV and she was in films.”

It was a strange place in my life and I was trying to discover who I was – so I never really used her name for wherever I wanted to be in life.

Using her name was kind of a responsibility – and people start matching you and comparing you to your parent. There is added expectation from a star child which I didn’t want.

“I don’t believe on parchi system – nepotism is there and I do not support it at all. It’s that simple. Although whatever I have become today, obviously it is because of her prayers and her trust,” Madiha added

You know that self-satisfaction and inner peace you get only when you’ve made your struggle on your own? I feel that way now because I never quoted “I’m Deeba’s daughter”. I am getting all this work because God wants it.

“We are directly or indirectly competing with an international market.”

For new comers, I wanted to say that please believe in yourself. Learn, learn and learn.

Avoid typecasting. Don’t lose hope. I hope things get easier for the struggling actors and newcomers in the future – but they must work hard.

We are directly and indirectly competing with an international market. Take Aangan for example. Every person in the drama has done their absolute best. I’m not saying that just because it’s my project – all these actors have done other dramas too.

Everyone involved in it is not just immensely talented but has worked very, very hard and our dramas are no lesser.

“We need to stop wanting to see women crying on the screen.”

We, as artists and creators, are trying our level best. Dramas like Sammi and Aangan are changing the screen.

Audiences need to figure out what they want, without the people’s support we cannot improve the quality of content.

“We need to stop wanting to see women crying on the screen. What kind of empowerment do we want to show when we just want to see women crying?”

We have to see what message we have to give to the young women who are watching – and that can only happen when people change what they are seeing.