Sammi Episode 7 Review

In this episode, we have learnt that weak people are not weak because of their financial or physical condition. It is all about the mental condition, which let enslave people. Rashid, Sammi, Waqas are all mentally weak, thus they submit into powerful people’s will. We have learnt that Waqas is released by police on a bail, the bail is granted by Chaudhry Rabnawaz, who is planning to use Waqas as a bait to catch Sammi. Meanwhile, Sammi is busy learning all the traits and crafts of a beautician, at the same time she is learning a lesson about self-respect as well.

On the other hand, Rashid is trying to save his skin from Chaudhry Rabnawaz’s wrath, but he is not able to find a justification as yet. Rashid’s daughter has posed some serious questions in this episode for all of us. It tells a lot about the mentality of people towards females in our society. Will we ever be able to change this type of mentality?

We surely can, but we need a lot of dramas like Sammi to educate people first about the problem. Only then we can succeed in finding a solution for this problem. Sammi is doing a great job, let’s hope it will continue to surprise us in future episodes.

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