Sammi Episode 9 Review

“Aurat hee aurat ki sab se bari dushman hoti hai,” in this episode, we have learnt that through Sammi’s mother, who is ready to sacrifice her daughter instead of his son, we learnt it through Chandni, who cannot see Sammi growing into a better beautician. This episode was quite eventful as Sammi’s brother is on a hunt for Sammi, while Sammi is in Karachi. On the other hand, Rashid’s mother threatens him to reveal his secrets to Chaudhry Rabnawaz and asks her to sacrifice Sammi and get married again for a son to continue his lineage. It is quite amazing to see Naheed taking action to get what is rightfully hers. However, her brother has some other plans. It shows the hypocrite face of our male dominant society, which preaches Islam a lot, but when it comes to practice it, people always tend to go in a different direction. Islam asks its believers to give their women respect and proper rights, especially when it comes to distributing inheritance. Sammi is getting better with each episode and each episode leave us craving for more. We hope that it stays that way throughout its airing.

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