Shiraz Uppal delivers another hit with Chhalawa Title Track

Film & Drama   April 30, 2019
This song is likely to dominate the Eid this year and all the weddings that will follow.


The first song of Wajahat Rauf’s upcoming Eid release Chhalawa is out and it looks like something ideal for Pakistani’s favorite season – the wedding season.

The wedding season is considered the fifth season in this part of the world where until recently girls, guys, and aunties used to dance on Indian songs. Thanks to many wedding songs including ones in Bin Roye and others, we now have a collection to choose from for upcoming weddings.

Shiraz Uppal’s Chhalawa track is a valuable addition to that collection as it not only sounds wonderful, it also looks good with our favorite actors dancing around in sync with the beat.

The song revolves around a traditional Punjabi wedding in which the friends and family of the bride and groom dance around to celebrate the marriage of two individuals. It is here where you see Nirmal Roy croon for the ravishing Mehwish Hayat for the first time since Punjab Nahi Jaungi where she sang Raunaq e Aashiqi also composed by Shiraz Uppal.

Dressed in bright colors, the dancing diva of our films does what she does best and even makes others look good. The moves as choreographed by Wahab Shah looks good too considering we don’t have many shadi songs on this side of the border. Nirmal Roy sounds fresh and her vocals complement Mehwish’s beauty in the best possible manner.

Then there is the surprise package Zara Noor Abbas who plays second fiddle to Mehwish in her debut flick but has all the ingredients of making it big in films. She can dance and this song further strengthens the audience believe when they see her matching steps with our very own Billi which is not an easy task.

Like Punjab Nahi Jaungi where Mehwish and Urwa Hocane shared a dance number, we have Mehwish and Zara here, dancing their hearts out at some kind of wedding ceremony at a huge haveli. The only difference being the voice of Neha Chaudhry who sounds different to Nirmal but they both are in sync and give the audience a reason to watch as well as listen to the song again.

Azfar Rehman who already proved his dancing talent in Punjab Nahi Jaungi gets a chance to tell the audience that the last dance number wasn’t a fluke and plays the guy interested in Mehwish’s character in this song. Along with Aashir Wajahat who plays the younger brother, the two set the floor on fire with Jabar Abbas crooning for Azfar and Aashir singing for himself.

Their steps might not be Hrithik Roshan crazy or Abhishek Bachchan subtle but they look good and refreshing to the eyes. You can also spot Asad Siddiqui with a fake-beard, Mohsin Ejaz, Mehmood Aslam among others who will play an important part in the film. Add some synced dance with the extras and you get a song that is likely to dominate the Eid this year and all the weddings that will follow.

Wajahat Rauf’s Chhalawa is all set for a release this Eid ul Fitr