I left acting because I had to put my kids first: Vaneeza Ahmad

Latest   November 2, 2019
I had played Ahad's mother before, that too in a Hum TV play Khamoshyan some ten years back, says Vaneeza.

She couldn’t have chosen a better time than the present and a project better than Ehd-e-Wafa to return to TV.

Not only does Vaneeza Ahmad Ali gets to play the mother of heartthrob Ahad Raza Mir but also a wife to everyone’s favorite Brigadier Faraz in Ehd-e-WafaVinny’s return to acting has made people realize how much they missed her, as she continues to perform in her natural way.

Spotlight got hold of the supermodel turned actress and asked her about many things, including her comeback, playing a cool mom and above all, why she chose to say yes to Ehd-e-Wafa!

Why were you gone for so long from TV; your countless fans around the world missed you!

I left acting because I had to put my kids first over anything else. I prioritized them over my career because they needed me the most.

You can’t be honest with either acting or motherhood because acting is not a 9 to 5 job, and sometimes it takes you 12 to 18 hours to complete a day’s work. I wasn’t ready to leave my children but now that they have grown up a little, I decided to return to TV, also in the role of a mother.

What made you go for Ehd-e-Wafa in general?

First of all, it was being shot in Islamabad and required my services for a special guest appearance, meaning less time.

Secondly, the whole team is very professional and we had lots of fun shooting the drama. I am hoping that the audience is loving the drama as well, and my work in it.

What difference did you see between the dramas of your time and today?

The biggest difference is that I don’t have to carry the drama on my shoulders (laugh). Secondly, it seems that the actors of today don’t have much time like we used to, back in the day. I am used to rehearsing and spending more time on the script and character development with the director.

I have been doing that since my first play but today it isn’t a practice that is followed by actors. We gave it a lot more time than one does today. We used to prepare for the character, meet two weeks prior to shooting and rehearse with actors, and when the co-stars are Nadeem Sahib, Saba Pervez, Rubina Ashraf, that helped us learn a thing or two from them. We used to do the lines before the play went on the floor and then get on the set. That doesn’t seem to be the case nowadays.

Ahad Raza Mir plays your son in the play; how was the experience of playing his mom?

It might surprise you but I had played his mother before, that too in a Hum TV play Khamoshyan some ten years back. At that time he was just a kid acting in his first play and we had a good time together. He was very sweet then and he is very sweet now.

Well, that kid has now become a heartthrob; how different was it this time around?

It was very natural acting with him because Ahad is a great kid. When the person playing your son is decent and a very well brought up boy, it becomes much easier to act with him and develop a mother-son chemistry.

Was your own experience as a mother helpful in playing the character n Ehd-e-Wafa?

Oh yes, it did help to be a mother because if I didn’t have kids, I might not have been able to act like the mother I portray on the screen. I have known Ahad for a long time now and the way I reacted to him on screen is the same way I would react to my children.

In fact, I had to hold back myself in front of the camera because that mother is a little restraint while this lady (pointing to herself) is a very touchy-feely kind of mother. I love hugging and kissing my kids and they might not like it but I love it. I would have been affectionate with Ahad too but since it was national TV, I controlled myself.

And how was the experience of playing Faraz Inam’s wife, the same Faraz who made a place for himself in our hearts with Sunehrey Din and Alpha Bravo Charlie?

Would you believe it if I told you that I haven’t seen either Sunehrey Din or Alpha Bravo Charlie! In those days I was living abroad and the only writer I knew from TV was Haseena Moin. However I do have an interesting fun fact for you – my sister was offered the lead in Alpha Bravo Charlie and Shoaib Mansoor wanted me to play another character.

Since we were residing in Islamabad after moving back from Europe, he wanted to take us both onboard but when my sister rejected the idea of acting on TV, my role went away with it. That’s why I had no idea what Faraz Inam had done before, but yes, he is good to work with as he is a natural actor, not a trained one. He does what comes naturally to him and that’s why it was a different yet fun experience with him.