The trend of going bad: Which negative character you love the most?

Film & Drama   November 29, 2018
Actors who championed truth and justice went to the Dark Side and emerged as victorious.


The life of an actor is a very difficult job, especially when you consider that there is a good side and a bad one.

However, some prominent actors who championed truth and justice on the TV screen have occasionally gone to the Dark Side and emerged as victorious in the eyes of the audience. Some of the ongoing Hum TV plays namely Ranjha Ranjha Kardi and Bisaat e Dil has ‘usually-playing-good-character’ actors playing characters with shades of grey and that’s what instantly takes us back in time when going bad wasn’t considered the ‘right’ choice for actors.

Let’s discuss 5 such dramas from the archives of Hum TV and find out how it changed the actor’s life, for good or for the better.

Ahsan Khan in Paani Jaisa Pyaar and Udaari

For those who don’t know, Ahsan Khan had to struggle a lot in his initial days as a TV actor, since he had acted in films for some time before switching to the smaller screen. It was Sarmad Khoosat’s Paani Jaisa Pyaar in 2011 that saw him become one of the most versatile actors in the country because, at a time when everyone was playing the good guy, his portrayal of Saad who rapes the sister of his best friend and dies at the hand of that very friend later made everyone hate him.

He repeated the same act in Udaari 5 years later and his pedophile character of Pa Imtiaz was so loathed that many didn’t even congratulate him when he ended with all the TV awards that year!

Naveen Waqar in Humsafar and Mah e Tamam

VJ turned Actress Naveen Waqar played the role of an antagonist in this Sarmad Khoosat play that changed the way dramas were made. She played Sara who wanted to marry Ashar (Fawad Khan) and threatens to commit suicide after his marriage to Khirad (Mahira Khan). Although she commits suicide by the end of the serial, her portrayal of a deranged lover was too close to reality and heralded her career to the top.

Saba Qamar in Maat and Bunty I Love You

Before she went rebellious in Baaghi, there was Maat where Saba Qamar played Saman, an ambitious and conniving girl who marries her sister’s fiancé only to ditch him for a friend of his who had more money. Written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Amna Nawaz Khan, the serial had Aamina Sheikh as the sister who didn’t react to anything that happened to her and was rewarded in the end as she gave Maat to her younger sibling who may have found riches but never happiness.

Saba also had a role with shades of grey in Siraj ul Haque’s Bunty I Love You where she flirted with a younger man Bunty (Noman Habib) who had to drink poison to make her believe that he did love her.

Zahid Ahmed in Sangat

This Zafar Mairaj – Kashif Nisar collaboration did tackle the difficult subject of rape but with Saba Qamar and Mikaal Zulfiqar reuniting (from Paani Jaisa Pyaar) and Zahid Ahmed making his appearance as an antagonist, the play was watched by many when it was aired in 2015. It may not have done as well as the other Hum TV plays but Zahid Ahmed’s acting as the reformed rapist was too good to be ignored.

This wasn’t the first time he played a negative role but in all his characters with shades of grey, this one stands out as his character had to interact with the woman he raped, her clueless husband and their kid who was, in fact, his kid.

Yasir Hussain in Baandi

Zahid’s theatre colleague Yasir Hussain is a very different actor – he made a name for himself on theatre, switched to TV as a writer/director and then jumped into films, writing three and playing the lead in two. With Ahmed Kamran’s Baandi, he made a comeback of sorts to TV and shocked his ardent fans by playing a wadera who falls in love with one of the baandis and then makes the life hell for her family.

This was by far Yasir’s best performance on TV and credit must be given to writer Asma Nabeel for writing such a complex character; the actor was able to channel the bad in him so well that people have started to think that he may be a bad guy in reality!