There is so much of me in Khirad and her in me: Mahira Khan

Latest   September 24, 2018
It has been seven years to Humsafar and there still has been no other drama like it!

Humsafar captivated the hearts of millions of viewers across the globe, making the play one of the most successful plays in the history of Pakistan television.

Mahira Khan, actress and superstar played the central female protagonist, “Khirad” who goes through hell and back, perseveres, rises from the ashes and continues to fight back in her stoic and pure way.

Her look was not only copied but the simple kajal-wearing heroine became a prototype for many serials post Humsafar. Mahira’s character and an inherent naivete may have been what attracted many people to the story or the role but there was a certain magic to Mahira’s simplicity that gave Khirad a life of its own.

The Zalima Actress has, since then, made great many strides in the industry and abroad and Fawad has also gained a name of his own – but their chemistry and pairing has been iconic to say the least.

We caught up with none other than Mahira Khan herself to talk about Humsafar, Khirad and the roller coaster ride that has been this play.

Here’s what she has to say about looking back and remembering the play and the character fondly.

What have been your favorite moments, little things that have stayed with you after all these years?

Mahira Khan: I have so many favorite moments. Humsafar became a great escape in my life. At that time, I was going through my own personal issues and this play helped me.

It was a happy set, I would just be laughing with Sarmad, Hanging out with Nina, Atiqa, Behroze Saab, Fawad, Hina and Naveen. There was this ease at the sets of Humsafar.

There are moments that will stay with me forever… it’s the moments between the takes, the breakfast in the morning or the long conversations we all had after the shoot would wrap at the end of the day.

Have you looked back on the scenes, any scenes, that you wished you had done differently?

Mahira Khan: Yes! All of them, Mahira laughs.

I know that today I could do them much better. But I also know that I could never bring that innocence or vulnerability back. Khirad is me. There is so much of me in Khirad and her in me. It’s my most personal character.

Do you think there’ll be another Humsafar, will there be another drama that captures everyone’s fancy the way Humsafar did?

Mahira Khan: There will never be another Humsafar. But of course, there will be dramas that will capture the entire nations fancy. Humsafar just came out of the blue and yes there is something about it none of us can define it whether it’s Farhat or Momina or Sarmad,

Nobody knew this would happen. It was and will always just be… magic.

How come the cast, the same ensemble has never worked together again?

Mahira Khan: That’s sad. And unfortunate I feel. But it didn’t happen organically. And maybe that’s what keeps the Humsafar magic alive.

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