This new initiative ‘Learn to burn’ is busting myths about fitness

Latest   June 23, 2018
Omer Bilal, model-cum-fitness trainer believes that if you know the science behind your diet, things will become crystal clear for you.

Gone are the days when dieting and bodybuilding helped you develop a body that was envied by all; those were the days when people used to follow Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, however, the dynamics seem to be changing and that too from Pakistan.

Upcoming model and fitness instructor Omar Bilal Ahmad believes that if you know the science behind your diet, things will become crystal clear for you. That’s what he teaches his clients at Learn to Burn and that’s why we got hold of him so that we can understand why he believes in what others don’t preach!

Why Learn to Burn is different from other training sessions?

“Others take you for a ride while we don’t,” Omer Bilal Ahmed

We believe in empowering the client with knowledge regarding carbs, fats and proteins and once they get to know about that, they can make their own diet plan and workout schedule with least input from my side. In one 500 ml cold drink, there is 15 teaspoons of sugar but these people take the easy way out by telling you to quit cold drinks whereas we will explain to you why you should reduce your intake of cold drinks.

A normal human being requires just 1 teaspoon of sugar to keep his blood sugar rate at 100 and if you have a cold drink, it will mess up with your body as it has 60 grams of sugar when we need just 5. To control the sugar level, your pancreas has to work 12 times harder to send insulin back into your body and when that will stop happening (if you don’t control it), then it will affect you big time and you will become diabetic. That’s why we believe in explaining what your body needs and what your body doesn’t need to clients who have so far been satisfied with our services.


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Here Omer sheds light on some of the diet and fitness myths followed by many:

Is it true that Weightlifting turns fat into muscle?

You don’t necessarily get your body in shape in a gymnasium but outside, with proper knowledge. I wasted as many as 6 years of my life training in a gym and trust me, the result I achieved in 6 months without a gym was much better and phenomenal.

I have achieved six packs in six weeks which is why I believe that all the trainers out there are just minting money without realizing that it will not be a long-term business. As for weight training and the myth behind it, it depends on the intensity of your workout as to what and how are you going to burn in the gym! When you do high-intensity workout – where you are in an aerobic state – carbohydrates in your body get burned to provide you energy.

Fats get burned when you do low-intensity workout at an extended period, let’s suppose a brisk walk for 45 to 60 minutes. Research proves that your body is neither in high state all the time nor in the low state during work out and that’s where your body burns 45% carbohydrates, 45% fats and 10-15% proteins to provide energy.

Drinking black coffee helps reduce weight?

It does but when taken before a workout as a supplement as it gives you amino acids and caffeine that you would require during a workout. Here let me add that people think that supplements are drugs which are a myth because supplements are natural herbs and good for your body. I suggest supplements to my clients since it supports them naturally. Take Protein shake for example that is processed from milk and comes in powder form so that it can help you rather than make you an addict.

Introduction to Learn to Burn

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Is Green tea good for health or damaging?

Green tea itself can’t do anything if you are drinking soft drinks, eating carbs and going for a sweet dish on the sideline!

Green tea without sugar, without honey or anything that adds sweetness (except lemons) to it, is the best way to keep your cholesterol level, your blood pressure and your sugar level in check. The caffeine required to activate the brain and keep the liver functioning is present in this natural herb that has lots of benefits if taken seriously and with proper intent to lose weight and keep your body in shape.

What kind of your exercise do you suggest as work out?

It depends on the individual – some clients want to lose weight, some want to gain it and there are those who want to develop a muscular body. As an instructor, I can’t suggest the same exercise to them and that’s where we stand out. An educated nutritionist and trainer can suggest better work out plan and diet plan than a trainer who is just there for monetary benefits. How can a 14-year old and a 40-year old train on the same lines when their energy level, their requirements and their aims are different!

Are sports drinks the best way to rehydrate after a workout?

They are not sports drinks … how can they be sports drinks if they are loaded with sugar which is bad for health?

Everything man-made is not good for your body and everything that is natural is the perfect thing for your body. You can have a banana and/or a couple of dates instead of these energy drinks because they are natural and harmless if taken in normal quantity; they will help you replenish your energy after a workout in a much better way than the expensive energy drinks in the market.

What do you suggest people should do rather than go blindly in a gym and injure themselves?

People don’t like to read anything online or use YouTube constructively. That’s why as a marketing student who understands the consumer psyche, I have come up with Learn To Burn where I encourage the clients to devise their own diet plan according to their own likes and dislikes, and on the basis of their body.

Just as two people can’t have the same fingerprints, it is unlikely that two people can have the same body structure. By giving individual sessions to clients where we can explain the dos and don’ts in an hour, we can not only crush the myth of group workouts but also contribute to making Pakistan fitter.

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