You don’t need a TV channel to be a star, now you can tell the world who you are just through YouTube,” Nadia Khan

Latest   December 16, 2017
Nadia believes that content is missing from our morning shows, there is no knowledge of the modern world.

Nadia Khan has been a beloved television actress for a very long time. She has recently returned to our screens after a long hiatus and is soon to be seen in a Hum Television project.

Spotlight caught up with this fantastic actress to know about her current projects and unique venture; A YouTube lifestyle channel, “OutStyle”.

What are your expectations with Kaisi Aurat Ho Tum?

Nadia Khan: Kaisi Aurat Ho Tum is directed by Fahim Burney, who is a friend. I started shooting for Aisi Hai Tanhai after Kaisi Aurat Ho Tum.

“It’s a really good story. My character is “Maham”, a working woman who is exploited by her husband but she loves him so much that she can’t see his exploitation,” Nadia said.

It’s a very different sort of an exploitation. He is a really shameless man. For him his wife is a machine that brings home the money and only through her business he improves his lifestyle.

“There’s no domestic abuse but there is a lot of exploitation in the name of love.”

Faisal Rehman, who plays Moiz, has done a really great job in it. It was very challenging, very interesting, for me as an actor it was a dream serial you could say.

Fahim Burney usually doesn’t direct himself but this is something he’s directing himself and he hasn’t compromised on anything, Khan added.

What do you want to say about Current Pakistani dramas?

NK: this is a really great time for dramas. In the end of the 90s and in the beginning of 2000s, there were some terrible dramas. We were doing a lot of soaps and in that Star Plus format. But now we are experimenting and we are choosing good stories, we have good direction, we are technically very sound.

How has your comeback been so far? What had kept you away from television screens for so long?

NK: I’ve come back after a long time and mashallah I’m getting new scripts almost every other day.

“I was wondering what would be the kind of feedback I’d get after my comeback but people remember all my earlier work and I’ve been offered a lot of good work. And I’m so happy to see that every script that I’ve been offered is great.”

As an actor you learn many things as you go. In 17 years, I’ve learnt a lot. The roles I’m doing now, I couldn’t have done that before. All the things you go through in life – the ups and the downs, the challenges, the heartbreak, the tragedies, losing someone – they teach you a lot.

My mother and my sister’s death shook me. This changes you. You don’t react immediately. You think. You become friends with your grief. But these experiences taught me. At first, I couldn’t cry, I would do upbeat characters. I was young too. But now, I can do more intense roles. We were very sheltered youngster.

We weren’t exposed to a lot of things the kids of today are. Today I enjoy dramas, I enjoy the expression I have to convey in dramas. I can relate to more people, more characters, as I have grown.

How do you see morning shows at the moment? What is missing?

NK: Content is missing from our morning shows.

“There is no information, education. We are not giving them international awareness. There is no knowledge of the modern world. We’re regressing, in terms of information and this slot is really important.”

In my time, even men would watch these shows. We aren’t even making anyone laugh now. They’re just watching. They’re not even learning. We have to make them laugh, we have to make them cry.

What I want to do – I’m trying to do that through OutStyle. It’s going really well. It’s growing by leaps and bounds. It’s really difficult to bring subscribers on YouTube because when a subscriber comes to your channel, he or she can watch – and leave. But if they subscribe, it means that they truly liked what you have said.

Not just Urdu/Hindi language audiences, but audiences all over the world have got in touch with me. I get stopped by people from various nationalities who want to take pictures with me.

How has your YouTube channel experience been so far? Have there been any incidents of online trolling?

NK: OutStyle has given me a phenomenal response.

I’m getting a response like I’ve never gotten before. This is an amazing thing for me. This is the requirement of today’s world.

I had never gotten this kind of exposure that I have gotten now. This is the power of social media. Nadia Khan is a brand. And now that brand has expanded to the world. The world is seeing what I am doing, what I am saying, the way I am saying it. And I keep telling my viewers – I’m not a makeup artist.

YouTubing has taken over the world. Now to be a star, you don’t need a talent agency or a TV channel. Now you can tell the world who you are just by YouTube. And the whole world is online. This is the future. I like to evolve and accept change.