TODAY: What does the future hold for Saba in ‘Khaas’?

Film & Drama   October 23, 2019
Will Saba have a happy ending?


The previous episode of Khaas has us sleepless as to what will become of Fakhir and Saba.

Lets rewind a little…

Khaas portrayed ‘Saba’, played by our very own Sanam Baloch, in a failed marriage with Ammar, played by Ali Rehman Khan.

Things take a turn for her as she meets Fakhir (Ammar’s friend, played by Haroon Shahid) who proves to be the ideal guy for every girl out there and soon after when things got ugly between Saba and Ammar, she chooses to leave him.

This was not the end of her struggle since her own family blamed her for not being ‘good enough’ for Ammar but it was Fakhir who took her out of her misery by marrying her.

Since her marriage with Fakhir, Ammar chooses every situation to torment Saba since he can’t handle her being with him.

Now that things are ‘too good to be true’ for Saba, life has a funny way of surprising us, the previous episode has left us with a roller coaster of emotions since it showed Fakhir dreaming of his death and we can’t help but think will Fakhir die? Is this it for Fakhir? (We really don’t want this to happen!) but this is the only thing that has us hooked for the last episode.

What will happen to Saba? Numerous thoughts scatter our minds since tonight is the last episode!

What are you expecting in tonight’s episode?