Top fashion trends that turned heads during 2018

Latest   December 15, 2018
Another year, another 'do! 2018 was filled with new celebrity trends and fads.

Our stars always bring their A-game to the red carpet. Whether it’s social media, award shows or just taking plain old selfies, they made sure to bring their strong style game.

We’re ending the year by taking a look back at all of the fashion trends that turned heads during 2018—get excited.

Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar has naturally been very stylish and has always taken risks with her style. She starred in a telefilm for Hum TV this year named “Dil Diyaan Gallan” in which she effortlessly pulled off casual with glamorous. All her fashion shoots this year have been fly! Take a look at her Instagram if you don’t believe us.

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan, Pakistan’s sweetheart, has always combined classy with trendy in the best way. This was her year in many ways with her film’s release and her appearance at Cannes Film Festival. She wore a perfect blend of east meets west and her style quotient corresponded with her charm and beauty. Shall we say va voom!

Sajal Ali

Sajal has brought back the gota. No kidding. In her avatar as Chammi in Aangan, Sajal’s broad shalwars, high kurtas and gota/kinari dupattas, soft curls around her cheeks, a thick braid and flat chappals on the feet in again. The actress was recently spotted in Turkey sporting a very cute winter look and yeah – she is definitely fashion goals.

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Mehwish Hayat

Whether it’s a plain t-shirt or a full length ballgown or a simple shalwar qameez, Mehwish Hayat always manages to look a stunner. She even posted a no-makeup, no filter selfie on one of her Instagram stories in which she also, unsurprisingly, slayed.

The actress spent the mid-year promoting her film Load Wedding but also attended various award shows and sang at numerous platforms. She also sported a short curly hairdo which was so retro we fell in love.

Osman Khalid Butt

Osman or Obi as most people know him is not another television hero. He’s picked up some interesting styles from his first appearance on Hum TV, as Wali in Diyar e Dil. Recently, Osman appeared at Masala Awards wearing a very retro outfit and looked fantastic. Obi has always been a very stylish young man and his great sense of humor adds to this. His Instagram is proof.

Fawad Khan

Even though the actor wasn’t seen in a lot of acting projects, the hunk was still seen in various modeling and reality show situations. Fawad and Mahira broke the internet with one of their shoots but Fawad’s own style game has been very beardy and we can definitely say we like it!

Ahad Raza Mir

From Yaqeen Ka Safar to Parwaz Hai Junoon to now Aangan, this young star has definitely taken on various shades of style and substance. In Yaqeen Ka Safar, Ahad changed various styles and in Parwaz Hai Junoon he played a bratty air force pilot whereas in Aangan, Ahad is playing a man of yore. In all these instances, Ahad has maintained a like able quality and a mysterious aura that leaves his fan base wanting more. He keeps it real and he does it good.

Ahsan Khan

This veteran actor has experimented with various looks and in Aangan, we see him dressed up as a blue-collar worker in that time. He is wearing a taweez around his neck and has hair short and cropped. From Udaari to Aangan, Ahsan’s style range is just as expansive as his acting ability.

We like a guy whose versatility is not just limited to what he can do with his expressions but also with his garb. Keep it coming, Ahsan!

Sonya Hussain

Sonya Hussain has really evolved as a style icon. She has come a long way from her initial looks to how we see her in Aangan and in her upcoming film as well. Sonya has got classic good looks which are very easy to transform and she has experimented with various style senses from eastern, western to fusion. We like!

Iqra Aziz

Even though Iqra Aziz generally sports a small bob in real life, she has sported various hair extensions in many other dramas and for her various roles. Iqra’s petite frame and girlish good looks help her morph into various essential styles very easily. From a sharp bob to a traditional braid, Iqra looks charming and stylishly on point.