Twins Apart: To watch or not to watch?

Arts & Culture   February 25, 2019
Is Twins Apart engaging, entertaining and worth a watch?

In Pakistan, we don’t witness many musical play but ‘Twins Apart’ written by Kulsoom Aftab directed by Shah Sharabeel should be appreciated for its effort to entertain the audience with some light hearted story. 

Is Twins Apart engaging, entertaining and worth a watch? Well, we will get into details but let’s talk about the story of the play first.

The story of Twins Apart is all about the two twin-brothers who are raised in two different families.

It stars Mrs. Qazalbash (Faiza) who’s been longing to have a kid and her desire to get one increases when she gets to know that her maid Safia (Ifrah) is pregnant with twins.

Her wish made her ask Safia for one of the kid as she can’t have her own and has been wanting to adopt a child since a very long time but Mr. Qazalbash (Hammad) will not approve it.

Mrs. Qazalbash influences the poor Safia and she hands over one of her kids – Essa (Umer Naru) and keeps Musa (Muslim). What happens next in the lives of Musa, Essa, Safia and Mrs. Qazalbash is what ‘Twins Apart’ is all about.

Twins Apart is brilliantly choreographed by Shezi and Ghani. There are many dance performances and action sequences which are wonderfully conceived, executed and performed by the cast.


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Ifrah is brilliant in emotional scenes and she aptly performs her part while Umer has great vocals and his performance adds depth to the play. Ghani, who is the choreographer of Twins Apart, also performs in the play as Raju; despite of having very few dialogues, he is superb.

He plays the “tapori” and reminds us of all legendary actors like Mithun Chakraborty and Anil Kapoor – proving he’s a perfect fit for the silver screen.

Special mention for the narrator (Rehan), he is a star material; Rehan is blessed with a great voice, beautiful accent and strong stage presence. He is one actor who definitely deserves to be spotted by those Pakistani filmmakers who are looking for fresh talent.

The songs in this musical are good but the one song which stands out is “Dosti”. It is on the tune of “Kolaveri Di” except that the lyrics are different and it’s the highlight of the play undoubtedly.

However. the weak part of Twins Apart is its script, it’s very cliched, and reminds audience of many Hollywood films, it might be because of the treatment as the play is loosely inspired from Blood Brothers by Willy Russel. The writing, at times, leaves the audience a little bored and lacks impressive punch lines. It’s the young cast that lifts the show on their shoulders.

Twins Apart is produced under the banner of Nomad Productions and is running in Arts Council Karachi till 17th March, 2019.

Based on the following, I rate Twins Apart 3 out of 5 stars.

  • Brilliant performances by young actors
  • Good music
  • Wonderful choreography and execution

If you want to support Pakistani theater then you shouldn’t miss Twins Apart.