Valentine’s Day Special: Celebrity couples that make us believe in true love!

Latest   February 10, 2020
"I like everything about her", says Ahad when asked about Sajal.

Real, unconditional and long-lasting love is rare- especially in the world of entertainment.

It is not unusual for celebrity pairs to breakup. Often, there are so many split-ups and separations happening in ‘Celebville’ that we wonder if true love really does exist. Just when we believe that our favorite couples are going strong and are in it for the long run, they part ways with a heart-breaking, short-live romance.

However, there are several celebrity relationships that have stood the test of time and beaten the odds to prove that love isn’t dead.

Despite paparazzi, social media scrutiny and tabloids publishing gossips; these dazzling duos managed to stand steady together for ‘better or for worse’. Ensuring a healthy, ‘drama-free’ relationship, these adorable celebrity companions are rocking the romance game and looking fabulous while at it! Their stories are bound to warm your heart and inspire you that love is truly for everyone out there.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, let’s check out some of our favorite young Pakistani couples that have each other’s back while keeping their romance hot and sizzling!

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane

There are umpteenth reasons to put these lovebirds on the list of pairs that serve major goals for us. It has been almost six years since the couple has been together, with their relationship gaining strength in 2014 and later turning into a happy marriage in 2016.

Soon enough, #Urhan became a viral phenomenon with Urwa and Farhan emerging as the industry’s golden couple. United, the sweethearts have grown not only in love but have also progressed in their career hand-in-hand. Time and again, they have collaborated, not only in dramas but also in a music video for the chart-buster tune ‘Saathiya’, crooned by Farhan himself.

However, their biggest collaboration to date is the upcoming Pakistani movie ‘Tich Button’, being produced by Hocane with Saeed being in the lead cast.

Much recently, the power couple set the stage on fire at Hum Style Awards 2020, rocking their chemistry so palpable and proving that they are a match made in heaven! These two bring life to any public event they attend, overwhelming fans with their unabashed PDA everywhere they go.

Ali Safina and Hira Tareen

They are hip, hot and happy in love; presenting you the dynamic duo- Hira Tareen and Ali Safina.

It has almost been a decade since the couple has been madly in love, with 2013 bringing matrimonial bliss for them and later, a bundle of joy ‘Mahgul’ blessing their lives in 2017.

The adorable family often remains away from the social media limelight, keeping their life moments intimate and protected from the media glare. And perhaps that’s how the pair has successfully kept their bond so strong and healthy.

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shadi season🌸

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While both stars boast successful careers in the entertainment cosmos, the two are yet to be seen across each other in a project. However, whenever we catch a glimpse of them together, be it on Instagram or at a glitzy event, Hira and Ali prove that they are more than husband and wife — they’re best friends.


Clearly, after all these years, these guys seem to be brewing their love just right! We asked Hira how the twosome have been juggling their careers, keeping their love alive while being celebrity parents. Here’s what she revealed:

It has been a challenging but beautiful journey of learning something new every single day. I feel like it’s made us more mindful and empathetic in some ways. Both of us really respect each other’s goals and ambitions but also have this strong will to give Mahgul the best life we can.

So we make sure we are considerate towards each other’s work schedules and try our best to coordinate our dates to make sure Mahgul gets to have at least one of us around at all times.  Other than that, it’s really important having a supportive family who is on the same page, and do their best to be there for you when you really need them.

Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir

We all had hoped that Ahad and Sajal’s ‘Yaqeen Ka Safar’ ends up in a real-life romance and when it actually did, everybody was over the moon. According to reports, ‘Sahad’ is now all set to tie the knot this year.

In a very short time, Ahad and Sajal have become Pakistan’s hottest celebrity couple. Their crackling chemistry ignites fireworks on the screen, making fans swoon and idolize their perfect pair. Due to their star power,writers, directors, brands, and designers- all want the twosome to be a part of their most significant projects.

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Yeh Dil Mera. @ahadrazamir

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Conversely, the celebrity couple kept their dating period quite hush-hushed. But that didn’t stop the grapevine from speculating that something was surely cooking between the duo. Then last year, the couple finally dropped a precious engagement picture on their Instagram and made our dreams come true!

They are ruling over the internet all over again with their sweet and sour romantic equation in the on-going ‘Ye Dil Mera’. Nonetheless, it was at Hum Style Awards 2020 where Ahad couldn’t stop gushing over his beloved.

When asked what one thing he likes the most about Sajal, Ahad candidly responded: I like everything about her.


Don’t they make each other glow? We definitely think so!

Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Siddiqui

These two stars collided to form a stunning supernova and their one-of-a-kind love story is too endearing for words.

All those who follow Zara and Asad will know that they both had a fair share of an unhappy, failed marriage before they had met each other. But apparently, these two were meant to be and crossed each other’s paths at the shooting of a drama. Instantly, they both hit it off, finding a humble, compatible soul in one another.

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And then there is you…

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The story of how our hero proposed his belle is equally breath-taking! It was a lovey-dovey moment on the beach, with a breezy drizzle blessing Asad’s passionate proposal.  And of course, Zara said YES!

Fans love their candid pictures sashaying at the red carpet dressed to the nines, playing, laughing, and getting cozy with each other. We loved it, even more, when the duo revealed that they will soon be seen across each other in ‘Zebaish’, an upcoming Hum TV drama. They were last seen together in WajahatRauf’s ‘Chhalawa’, in which they both played a supporting role.

It will be no less than a treat to watch them rock together and we are super excited about this one!

Earlier, in an interview with Hum Spotlight, Zara divulged how Asad helps her in deciding scripts! Here’s what she revealed:

Whenever I am picking a script, I discuss the characters with my husband (Asad Siddiqui) and usually, his instincts help me in deciding whether I want to do the character or not.

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain

This popular pair started out as friends long before they became partners. While spending time and enjoying one another’s company, Iqra and Yasir realized that they are destined to be together forever.

But we have to admit that #Yasra did keep the internet on tenterhooks over their relationship status before making it official. Often denying their relationship reports in the beginning, the pair initially confessed to being close friends. But their candid getaways together, casual hangouts and playful trolling on Instagram definitely hinted otherwise.

And then one fine evening at Lux Style Awards 2019, Yasir Hussain pulled off the biggest surprise proposal ever and popped the question to his heroine. And a wide-eyed Iqra couldn’t help putting the big, dreamy rock on her finger.

You can actually notice sparks fly whenever these two are together! Their recent honey-moon pictures have been making us quite envious. Yet Iqra and Yasir gave us hope with their cool approach to life, loving gestures, impromptu surprises, and love for each other that continues to burn.

Imran Ashraf and Kiran Imran

They might be the most under-rated couple in the list, but Imran Ashraf and Kiran are real relationship goals, as cliché as that sounds.

Their PDA is not often in the spotlight and maybe, they both prefer to be low-key. But you can tell with their little social media moments that they harbor a warm, cozy bond that we all want for ourselves.

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Family @kiranashfaquehusseindar

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These two are super private, but when they are in public, they’re flawless. Last year, they welcomed a baby boy ‘Roham’ and the adorable baby has added more light to their lives.

Imran truly dotes on his wife and keeps her along in his successful endeavors. With his historic rise to fame, Kiran has been his rock and had his back all along!

Meanwhile, Mrs. Imran seems to have kept her career on hold but has been a real support to Imran all this time. Admit it! We all crave for such an unconditional union like these two enjoy.