We have given our hearts and souls to Aangan: Mawra Hocane

Latest   January 28, 2019
I was initially not meant to play Aaliya but I still was a part of Aangan, says Mawra Hocane

Whenever the names of the brightest stars of our entertainment industry are written, Mawra Hocane will be there at the top as one of the best actresses we have.

From doing plays with a social message to making her film debut with Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 last year, the gorgeous actress has won hearts with her performances. She plays the central character in Aangan who sort of narrates the story and so far has done a marvelous job by looking stunningly beautiful and one from that era.

Spotlight had a chat with the talented Mawra Hocane who spoke about the experience of playing a character from the 1940s to reuniting with Ahad Raza Mir, as well as her expectations from the period drama. Excerpts:

How was the experience of playing a girl in the 1940s for a change?

Mawra Hocane: Overwhelming. I’ve felt that people from that time lived a fuller life. They felt emotions deeply & loved more passionately. Being a girl from that time made me feel a lot of emotions I wouldn’t have felt otherwise.

How difficult was it to play characters from the 1940s considering everything was different back then, from clothes to mannerisms?

Mawra Hocane: Initially it was tougher to belong in that era. It took endless readings of the script and working with (Sir) Ehtesham Uddin the director to get a hang of it. I was constantly asking questions & re-reading and since I am a director’s actor, he shared my burden to play Aaliya with me. I won’t say it was easy but it definitely was worth it. Playing Aaliya made me a more resilient & stronger girl and I hope I can carry her with me in life.

This was your second play with Ahad Raza Mir and first with Sajal Aly, how was the experience?

Mawra Hocane: I’m very fond of Ahad as a person and as an actor and working with him is always delightful. We have a natural vibe from the first day of Sammi and because of that, it’s easier to perform even the most difficult scenes with him.

Sajal’s a senior and I had seen her on screen before I became an actor; she’s a terrific performer so I must say it was slightly intimidating as Sajal’s portrayal of Chammi is wild and loud while Aaliya is its absolute opposite. I do feel that our chemistry as sisters will be endearing for the audience to witness.

What made you go for Aangan – the novel, the director or the period setting?

Mawra Hocane: After Udaari, I really wanted to work with Ehtesham bhai but it was also the project itself. I was initially not meant to play Aaliya but I still was a part of Aangan. Aaliya fell in my lap and I hope I can live up to the character and the expectations around it.

You are sharing the screen with some of the best actors in the industry, how would you rate that experience?

Mawra Hocane: I think it gave me a lot of learning; Ahsan Khan is one of the best actors we have and to work with him is always comfortable and full of laughter. Madiha Rizvi who plays my mother has been very encouraging; Hira Mani is a pleasure to work with.

I am also extremely fond of Omair Rana and Mustafa Afridi and learned a lot from them. I wish I had more scenes to share with Zeb Rehman who is excellent as “Dadi”.

Sheheryar, the boy who plays Shakeel’s character will be a find from what I’ve seen of him. At the end of it all though, I feel that it’s Ehtesham bhai’s hard work on each one of us that has pushed everyone to perform at their best. I really hope and pray that it does well for all of us.

What are expectations from Aangan?

Mawra Hocane: We’ve given our hearts and souls to Aangan so expectations are very positive. As far as I am concerned I only hope for the audience to feel my growth as an actor & to be appreciated for what I have put in. Rest is up to them.