What does the future hold for Sameer and Gauhar in Ishq Zahe Naseeb?

Film & Drama   November 19, 2019
Ishq Zahe Naseeb has served as an awareness movement towards ‘Split Personality Disorder’.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb is gradually moving towards its end and we bet our Friday nights will never be the same again without this spooky, dark and twisting thriller.

Come to think of it, we should all sign a petition to release this drama on Netflix ASAP! And why not? Has it not engrossed us since the very first episode with its focus on split personality disorder? Haven’t Zahid Ahmed’s transition from Sameer to Sameera kept us on the edge of our seats?

Not to forget, Yumna Zaidi as Shakra has been an anchor to success for the drama that made us return to watch Ishq Zahe Naseeb every weekend!

Hashim Nadeem has penned this mystery so skillfully that despite the hint about the drama’s conclusion in its very first episode, the audience is still clueless over the fate of its characters.

We all remember how the palmist read Gauhar’s (Sonya Hussayn) hands and predicted that her first husband will not live for long. Since then, we are curious about how this drama will draw its end!

Does this mean Sameer will die?

Now that Gauhar and Sameer have tied the knot, fans are wondering if the palmist’s eerie prophecy will come true.

While the audience wants Kashif and Gauhar to unite at the end of the drama, they are also keen to see Sameer thriving. In fact, it is his split personality ‘Sameera’ that we all wish to disappear from his life forever.

Too inquisitive regarding the fate of Sameer, Gauhar, and Kashif, Hum Spotlight enjoyed a candid chat with the drama’s writer, Hashim Nadeem and Kashif himself, Sami Khan.

Tight-lipped and discreet, here’s what they had to say:

Keeping the future of all the three characters in mind at this point in time, what will be your advice to Gohar, Kashif, and Sameer in their respective lives?

Hashim Nadeem: With me being the writer of the show, I have already shared my advice for the characters and their fate in the story while penning it. But I have always tried hard to come out of clichéd endings. So whatever will happen, it will be for good.  But how will we reveal it and how the destiny of its characters will be unveiled to the audience, it is too soon to tell as the drama is almost moving towards its end.

However, what matters the most is how clear and positive the message will be for the audience. And I hope that the conclusion will have a positive impact on its fans.

Sami Khan: Short and simple, I will advise all three of them to either follow your destiny or it will drag you to that point where it wants you to be.

Maybe, it is Sameera that will die for good!

The palmist’s forecast can also imply that it will be Sameer’s alter ego, Sameera that will bid farewell from Gauhar’s life forever.

We are hoping that Gauhar will help him deal with his childhood trauma, address his ailing condition and persuade him to seek help.

If truth be told, Ishq Zahe Naseeb with its masterful plot has served as an awareness movement towards ‘Split Personality Disorder’.

While rarely people with this condition come forward and reveal themselves, we all have heard about this critical mental illness.

It is indeed laudable that Hashim Nadeem, with his story, promoted a greater understanding of this mental disorder, which otherwise has never been the priority for the entertainment industry.

Spotlight: How do you think the drama and the final fate of its characters will genuinely help the Pakistani audience tackle misunderstandings regarding split personality disorder?

Hashim Nadeem: As you know, I am related to bureaucracy and I am a civil servant. In civil service, there is a lot of public dealing.

So such stories come from between real people only and the message regarding this disorder has even reached the targeted people. There were a number of individuals who contacted me after watching this drama and shared their traumas. They felt that there is some angle in this story that is related to them and will help them in their lives.

Consequently, the message has helped people and will continue to help them. Also, this is just the first drop in the ocean. If we continue to make issue-oriented dramas and leave behind ‘saas-bahu’ matters, then definitely it will help people out. There is still an affected number of people that will benefit from such stories.

Sami Khan: I believe our dramas can bring a very positive change in our society with the right messages. I think there are two important things in this play that we can learn from. First, how you can tackle patients who have disorders like Sameer has in this play.

Secondly, there is an ethical message in the responsibility carried by Kashif, i.e. the will to sacrifice his love for the love of his mother and sisters.

Regardless, of its end, Ishq Zahe Naseeb deserves applause!

It is no secret that the play is ruling the hearts of drama buffs, along with its stellar cast that has made us awe-struck with their performances.

Yumna Zaidi has never failed to leave us spell-bound. Her role as Shakra is no less than an addictive watch and you wish that her scenes never end on the screen.

Take a bow, Zahid Ahmed! His epic transformation from Sameer to Sameera is bound to make him win accolades. Not to forget, Sonya Hussayn and Sami Khan have become the hottest couple on-screen, their chemistry is so impeccable and on-point throughout!

Ishq Zahe Naseeb has become a rating magnet. Did you expect so much love and a wholesome response before the drama began?

Hashim Nadeem: I have never focused my stories to achieve ratings. I intend to write stories that are usually non-sellable. I have my own angle while writing things.  Consequently, I had not at all expected such a massive response from the drama.

The main aim remains that the message of the play is conveyed to the audience. If the viewers understand and learn from that moral of the story, then I consider that the job is done!

Sami Khan: A good project is always a result of a good team. When you have Hashim Nadeem as a writer, Farooq Rind as a director and such nice co-actors, then you are bound to have a good project. We definitely had high hopes from this project but the immense love that we are getting from the on-screen chemistry is unbelievable and this shows the drama’s relatability with the audience. I believe simple and close to real stories always work well. For me, Kashif and Gauhar are simple and most relatable characters for the masses. When you have co-actors like Sonya and Zarnish, and a magician like Farooq Rind then the screen will light up with the chemistry of characters.

For now, all eyes are on the upcoming episodes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. We know from the early promos of the drama that Gauhar will go to jail. Is it for murder, Sameer’s murder to be precise? Or will she be framed for a crime she won’t commit? We can only keep guessing!