Women who stood tall against depression

Blogs   March 6, 2019
The future is female, this Women's Day appreciate all of them.


Mental health and depression is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

People nowadays are getting aware of it as many suicidal attempts and depression cases have erupted out into the open. Usually the concept and the fact that one has to go to the psychiatrist is taken so negatively that individuals who suffer from such problems don’t say it out loud, thus causing a loss of life.

A growing number of prominent individuals committing suicide in the previous years has caused our celebrities to raise their voices and make people aware of the fact that IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY.

This Women’s day lets appreciate all those brave women who either faced or spoke about depression:

Momina Mustehsan 

The music sensation Momina Mustehsan felt no fear in being extremely vocal about her battle against depression and how she dealt with it. Furthermore, she encourages women to value themselves and talk about such issues when needed.

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Reach out. Speak up. Love and value yourself. Never feel trapped and caged that you find the need to want to escape. Every person is unique, every person is special. Every person matters. I consider myself a fairly positive person and most people have always seen me smiling and full of excitement. I’ve spoken about dealing with depression in the past and overcoming it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have moments of weakness. A few months ago, I went through a phase of emotional turmoil. We all hit that occasional road block. Please remember to remind yourself of all the goodness and little joys you have in your life. And remember, the only opinion of you that really should matter is your own. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion define or affect you, or become your reality. Easier said than done, but I promise you it’s possible.

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Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan has always been a strong supporter of women and their rights. Keeping that in mind, she takes to twitter to address the issue that there isn’t much awareness about mental health or depression when there should be.

As stated by Mahira, ‘let nobody’s opinion define who you are. Because all women out there including me are worth it.’

She became the face of women empowerment in Shoaib Mansoors Verna, she plays a woman who stands against injustice in against many ills in our society.

Meesha Shafi

The Pakistani actress, model and singer Meesha Shafi addressed to everyone by saying that we will only understand the people going through this if we ourselves were aware of it. So people should educate themselves on this and help someone out.

Meesha has always spoken about such prominent issues in the past as well and didn’t hesitate in giving her two cents.

Mawra Hocane

It was devastating to hear about the model Anam Tanoli who committed suicide because of all the social media trolling and bullying, it left everyone shocked.

Many celebrities raised their voices and so did Mawra, as she expressed her point of view on an Instagram post telling people to be kind and choose their words wisely as they never know what impact it leaves on people.

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RIP – Anam Tanoli I didn’t know her personally but I’m devastated that a young beautiful girl succumbed to the bullies around her. I spoke to a close friend of hers who told me how deeply she was affected by social media trolling & bullying at work. She was suffering from depression & the world was ruthless regardless. I wish she was stronger but I also wish that we were kinder , all of us. Be on a watch, anyone around us could be suffering from depression & your words can take someone’s life. I’m sorry #AnamTanoli on behalf of everyone who pushed you take such a step. My condolences & love to the family! P.s we may be out here for you on social platforms but we are just like you. we get hurt, we break but we endure & put the broken pieces together to run another show for all of you. Be kind, it won’t cost you a thing, Please be Kind & considerate & compassionate for others & their hearts! #RIPAnamTanoli It is about time we treat depression as an illness so we can comfort the ones suffering, atleast. Seek medical help without reluctance. Please don’t be afraid of the society, protect yourself first!

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Armeena Khan

Armeena Khan, Pakistani-Canadian film and television actress was awarded the Women Empowerment Award by the Pakistan Achievement Awards in 2016.

She never holds back from speaking her mind and highlighted the importance of NEVER taking bullying or abuse from ANYONE. She also encourages people to help those who get bullied or are suffering from any mental issues, she emphasizes on the fact that one shouldn’t hold back because you never know who’s life you could be saving.

Frieha Altaf

Knowing Frieha Altaf’s childhood history one can only conclude that she is indeed a very strong woman.

She too believes that it is highly important to remember that more women than men are suffering form depression and that it is curable if given proper attention.

Juggun Kazim

Mental health is indeed a very important and neglected issue says Juggun. Having dealt with depression herself, she talks about how serious the matter is. It starts with anxiety then leads to bigger problems.

Hina Altaf

In a recent Instagram post and interview with Samina Peerzada, actress Hina Altaf went public about her fight with depression.

She thanks the man who got her out of it because now she has a completely different perspective on life and is nothing but happy. Hina encourages the sufferers to get help and requests the people around them to be kind.

Here she talks about her battle with depression on Samina Peerzada’s show…