Wrapped in thrill & suspense, Ye Dil Mera has a deep message about mental health!

Film & Drama   November 18, 2019
The drama is beyond Ahad and Sajal’s iconic pair along with its puzzling plot.

Three weeks down and Ye Dil Mera has the audience hooked!

Every episode ends with a new mysterious cliffhanger, with its characters of Amaan, Aina and Farooq Zaman aka Agha Jaan making us more and more curious about their secret, entangled lives.

The director Aehsun Talish and the writer Farhat Ishtiaq has dabbled in a different genre this time. Fans of ‘Sahad’ cannot stop gushing over their sweet and sour romantic equation. This is evident from the fact that Ye Dil Mera is amongst the top trend on Twitter after every episode.

However, the drama is beyond Ahad and Sajal’s iconic pair along with its puzzling plot. Wrapped in the thrill, suspense, and a possible murder mystery, Ye Dil Mera has deep messages regarding mental health and possessive parenting to ponder upon.

Breaking the mental health taboo

Viewers of the drama must be well-aware that Aina is a sensitive soul. She has undeterred childhood trauma that she is trying hard to shake off, but it keeps returning to her in the form of haunting nightmares.

While she visits a psychiatrist to deal with her anxiety, we witness that her father is reluctant to have follow-up checkups with her doctor.

Like a typical Asian parent, Agha Jaan harbors a mindset that treats mental health as a stigma, a taboo topic. Overprotective that he is, he doesn’t want anyone to get wind of the fact that Aina sees a therapist and is eager to hide her mental illness from the world. What’s more, he disregards the doctor’s diagnosis of Aina suppressing a childhood trauma in her subconscious mind.

The psychiatrist was quick to school him for his narrow-mindedness.  And imparted a strong message that visiting a shrink doesn’t imply that someone is ‘crazy’ or a ‘lesser being’.

We caught up with Farhat Ishtiaq to discuss the idea behind mental health and childhood trauma being discussed in the drama in three episodes aired so far.

Is this her main story or just a message of awareness she wants to impart on the side? Here’s what she had to say:

In what way you believe the drama will help the audience understand the subject of mental health better?

Farhat Ishtiaq: My story is a romantic thriller, however, you can consider the topic of mental health as a sub-plot in the drama.

Aina’s character has these problems and hence we have addressed this issue while keeping up with the main story. But wherever her mental health has been dealt with in the scenes, we have tried our best to spread a message of awareness in this regard.

“There is an educational note that such a critical matter should not be considered a taboo and should not be shunned away. Instead, it should be treated with the utmost care.”

However, this is not my main subject, adds Farhat.

“The real matter of concern is childhood trauma. This issue is not with just Aina but also with my third character, the very dark and shaded, Amaan. He too has psychological issues and he is playing mind games with Aina. He is trying to lure the innocent, overprotected girl towards him while neglecting her at the same time.”

Despite mental health not being the key topic, we have ensured to aware the audience (wherever addressed in this regard) that they should kill the weak mindset of neglecting mental health and break taboos around going to the therapist to deal with mental illnesses.

Possessive parenting is very common in Pakistan. Do you think that a possessive father, like Adnan Siddiqui is in the drama, can affect their children’s mental growth and stability?

Farhat Ishtiaq: Indeed, possessive parents are very common in Pakistan and definitely, they affect the growth and stability of a child.

As the story will unfold, the audience will understand the motive behind Mir Farooq Zamaan’s over-protectiveness and the reasons behind his controlling streak.

However, his behavior of being over-possessive and protective has become abnormal to an extent.

Such behavior hinders the confidence of a child and even as they grow up, they find it hard to make major decisions in life. It is good for parents to show love and care towards their children. But, in our society, the extreme care of parents often hampers the children to take risks and that practice is totally wrong.

Nevertheless, the audience will gradually know why Mir Farooq Zamaan owned such a personality as the plot paces.

A skeleton in the cupboard

It is not the first time Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Aly have paired up to play a father-daughter duo. We last saw them in the Bollywood hit ‘Mom’ and both reaped rave reviews for their performances.

But their bond is different in this drama. Yes, Adnan has donned the role of a doting father yet again but a domineering one this time.

He wants the best for Aina and cannot see tears in her eyes. But is he truthful and earnest towards her? Is he as loyal and immaculate as he portrays himself to be?

The last episode dropped a major bomb on the viewers, one that Twitter cannot stop gossiping about. Agha Jaan is involved with a woman that he is keen to hide from his daughter.

Clearly, he is not as saint-like as he depicts himself in front of Aina. But who is this lady? An affair Agha Jaan is hiding or a wife that he has kept hushed-hushed?

We could not help asking Farhat  Ishtiaq who was, of course, tightlipped to reveal it all!

Adnan Siddiqui is clearly a man with a big secret up his sleeve in the drama. Do tell us something about how this will shape up the thrilling plot.

Farhat Ishtiaq: Adnan’s role definitely has a lot of shades. The character will slowly unravel with every passing episode. But he surely has a past, secrets and even a dark side that you will know as the plot thickens.

I believe that this is the beauty of this genre that the audience gradually realizes the real story while they keep on making assumptions about certain characters on their own. In the end, they realize if they have been wrong or right and that remains the most enjoyable part of the suspenseful journey.

The mystery behind the controversial interview scene

Last but not the least, the viewers were clearly surprised that how the interview scene between Ahad and Sajal showed earlier in the teaser, revealed itself to be totally opposite in context in the third episode.

Certainly, it was just one piece of the puzzle but created a successful noise that drama much needed, prior to its launch.

But was this a purposeful attempt, perhaps a marketing gimmick to allure the audience? We asked Farhat Ishtiaq!

Ahad and Sajal’s scene in the office revealed itself to be totally opposite of what was shown in the teasers. Was this a deliberate attempt to keep the audience intrigued?

Farhat Ishtiaq: The buzz around the interview scene in the teaser was surely not a deliberate attempt. Nobody expected the social media backlash and the team making the teasers had no idea in mind while editing them. Consequently, it was a shocker and it was no one’s intention to generate such a conversation around the scene.

If truth be told, everything about Ye Dil Mera has been a startling surprise. We never imagined Ahad and Sajal indulging in a dark, cryptic romance saga nor Adnan Siddiqui being shady and shifty as a father in this story.

Perhaps, it will even have a shocking end, one that will make the drama a thriller we will remember for years to come.