Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 1 Review

As the drama serial Yakeen Ka Safar’s first episode started, it showed different dimensions of the story very beautifully in which one was that Geti was getting married to her cousin Daniyal. Therefore, Daniyal and Gaiti were engaged since last 6 years yet the exceptionally same day Daniyal decided to go London for law studies. After a long time when he returns he recognizes and acknowledges that Gaiti remained by him and gave him enough time exactly when he was getting pressurized by his mom to return for their marriage.

Whereas on the other hand, the broken relationship of Zubiya’s dad Khalil and her mom has been showed. It looked like Khalil dependably subjected his wife to mental torture as a result of his conservativeness and didn’t give her enough opportunity to try and keep in contact with her family.

In the other scene, Noori went somewhere out and couldn’t came back because she was kidnapped. And her family was worried about her.
So the story continues. . .