Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 2 Review

As in the beginning of this episode, it is shown that Zubiya was missing her mother and she confessed to her aunt that she was killed by her father. Because Zubiya was insisting her mother to visit her friend’s home to get some college notes due to which Khalil tortured his wife which led to her death. Not only this, Khalil Sahab’s self realization level was so down that he wasn’t accepting it. This scene completely portrayed the image of Khalil’s character that he was so self-centered and conservative.

On the other hand, Geti was living a happy life with her in-laws. One of the beautiful scenes of this episode was that when everyone was sitting on the dining table for breakfast and Asfand was teasing Geti & Daniyal.

Whereas, Mehjabeen returned to her native home town and disclosed that her sister was brutally killed by Khalil. Furthermore, Noori was hospitalized by some unkown guys in a critical condition. Where after treatment, Dr. Shazia came to realize that she was been subjected by the kidnappers.
And the story continues. . .