‘Ye Dil Mera’ highlights the stigma around mental health!

Film & Drama   November 29, 2019
If truth be told, everything about Ye Dil Mera has been a startling surprise.

Ye Dil Mera has our full attention from the first episode.

The drama is beyond Ahad and Sajal’s iconic pair. Wrapped in the thrill, suspense, and a possible murder mystery, Ye Dil Mera has deep messages regarding mental health and possessive parenting to ponder upon.

Viewers of the drama must be well-aware that Aina is a sensitive soul. She has undeterred childhood trauma that she is trying hard to shake off, but it keeps returning to her in the form of haunting nightmares.

While she visits a psychiatrist to deal with her anxiety, we witness that her father is reluctant to have follow-up checkups with her doctor.

Farhat Ishtiaq discusses the idea behind mental health and childhood trauma in the drama and says:

“The real matter of concern is childhood trauma. This issue is not with just Aina but also with my third character, the very dark and shaded, Amaan. He too has psychological issues and he is playing mind games with Aina. He is trying to lure the innocent, overprotected girl towards him while neglecting her at the same time.” 

Stay tuned for more thrilling episodes ahead!