Yeh Raha Dil Episode 1 Review

Started off with a beautiful Soundtrack sung by Atif Ali & Samra Khan, first episode was a serene watching experience. It’s a slice of life. First episode has been found completely blend with emotional yet lively scenes.
Zaqi(Ahmed Ali) is a chef playing the emotional slot of this play. Hayat (Yumna Zaidi) is alone in this world. She lost her parents but still lives her life at full swing. She is quite careless and non-serious but it would be wrong to judge judge her keeping in mind the only aspect of her life. It might be her one side of character,Nida (Anam Ahmed ) is a super model and love interest of Zaqi.

Zaqi having fight with his parents that she wants to get married to her love interest Nida but his parents are not agreed with this decision and he is trying to convince them, on the other hand Hayat is writer by profesion, having another terrible day starts with smashing her laptop.

Story has just started off with a lighter note but it seems audience will have some intense watching experience in coming episodes.