Zahid Ahmed and Armeena Khan on saying goodbye to ‘Daldal’

Film & Drama   February 8, 2018
Pakistani dramas that have raised awareness about important issues have always resonated with the audiences.


Pakistani dramas that have raised awareness about important issues have always resonated with the audiences.

Whether it is Udaari, Sammi, Pagli and now Daldal, human interest stories have always found a credible appeal and have managed to raise consciousness of our society.

As Daldal draws to a close, we see themes of retribution, regret and failure casting up to the main characters of the play. Shuja, played by Zahid Ahmed, has finally faced abject failure in all his efforts in trying to make a good life in the United Kingdom.

Shuja ran away from his problems in Pakistan because he was convinced that he would never be successful in Pakistan (whereas his brother, Kamran played by Muneeb Butt, achieved success in Pakistan by working hard and diligently).

Shuja sought illegal immigration and landed in the UK without papers of any kind. He meets “Preet” (Kubra Khan) with whom he tries to come to a ‘paper marriage’ arrangement which also fails. He is now being sought for a drug abuse case by the UK police and he is running for his life with nowhere to go. Hira, Shuja’s wife (played by Armeena Rana Khan), has her own set of troubles and worries back home.

Her own father was an absentee parent and her mother lamented this life. Hira’s mother in law (Asma Abbas) is a horrible human being who even tried to dump Hira in some quack’s place to get rid of her. Once Hira is rescued by her mother, Hira’s mother (Fazila Qazi) decides that Hira would not return to Shuja’s home.

Shuja has realized his mistake of a lifetime, he is now on the lam, risking deportation and his wife and child may leave him forever. He lashes out to his mother and in the recent episode is propositioned by what seems like a sex abuse ring leader.

Kamran, however, is being promoted, has managed to save other people from depression and choosing the wrong paths and in his character, we see that if we try hard and do the best we can, we may not achieve tons of riches and treasures but we can hold on to a good life and have a clean conscience.

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Posted by Daldal on Monday, February 5, 2018

Spotlight caught up with Armeena Khan and Zahid Ahmed, the lead actors of the play, asking them what they thought of their characters’ journeys and how they saw the impact of Daldal:

Armeena Khan: My character represents an average Pakistani house wife except that she’s abandoned by her husband to go and pursue his dreams. Hira is left with a child and to devices of her in-laws, the shackles of society and a repressive culture generally. She is beaten, abused verbally and physically to the point of no return.

This drama highlights the ugly politics/domestic violence that such “abandoned” women go through.

I’ve always believed that the first step to resolving any issue is to debate it, then create awareness and then to finally educate people around the subject.

I believe Hira’s trials and tribulations hands our society that mirror, it creates a debate. Is this treatment fair? Is this the right way forward for our society in general? Even if it changes or influences one person somewhere, I believe I’ve done my job. On another note, I want to thank the audiences so much for appreciating Daldal and Hira’s character. It’s been such a journey for me. One that will stay with me for a long time.

Zahid Ahmed: Daldal teaches us that there are no shortcuts in life that truly pay off. People hailing from the lower classes of countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and even European countries like Poland have the highest number of illegal immigrants flooding the UK.

Governments of these countries are firstly responsible for not providing enough employment opportunities and secondly for not curtailing illegal immigration. But we can’t make a drama about the government, now can we?

So, let’s focus on the individual. Shuja demonstrated bravery and courage beyond measure to make that life risking journey. And to what end? To work as a human dog and earn the tidbits thrown his way. Even latching on to the local lass was unfruitful.

All that effort was misdirected, the same courage and perseverance applied with honesty can make any man lead a fulfilling and content life in any country. But ah yes! If you are a person who is just not content, then you’ll have problems wherever you live.

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