Zero-size body is absolute nonsense because ‘no one size’ fits all: Fatima Zara

Latest   February 11, 2019
"You are perfect just the way you are," says Fatima Zara Mallick, CEO and head trainer at FZM Boutique Fitness.

Fatima Zara Mallick is the CEO and head trainer at FZM Boutique Fitness, a concept wellness center providing customized workouts and nutrition solutions. She is surely an inspiration for all.

We got lucky to catch her and know about her fitness regime and how she got into it.

Moving to Italy when she was sixteen Fatima did her BA in Art History from the American University of Rome, followed by an MA in Fashion Branding and Merchandising from Polimoda in Florence.

After six years in Italy she moved back to her home country due to family pressure, did a part-time job in a gym as a fitness trainer and freelanced as a ‘Fashion Trend Forecaster’ and a ‘Marketing Consultant’.

Seven years struggle later, model and fitness trainer Fatima opened her own personal studio ‘FZM Boutique Fitness’ combining fashion and fitness, saying fashion is transient but a beautiful, fit body never goes out of style.

When asked what makes her stand out from other trainers she replied “Setting me apart is the fact that I am a certified trainer and have an in-depth knowledge of it, bringing an international approach to my classes here in Pakistan.”

Fatima is a professional dancer, she learnt Latin dance, Belly dance at the Florence Dance Academy. Her mother made her learn Katthak at the age of five. She’s currently looking for a dance number in a movie to change the perception of people.

“It’s the age of social media and new careers, one doesn’t have to be a doctor or an engineer only, I would like to be an actor, a marketing consultant, an RJ, a fitness trainer and be good at everything I choose.”

Fatima currently does a radio show known as ‘Raise the Bar’ on FM 91, and is interested in acting as well, as she has done theater in the past. Fatima says, local trainers are all about losing weight as the industry is driven by aesthetics, whereas her classes are in to getting stronger and feeling better rather than just getting thinner which is why it took off and people started coming to her.

“What struck my mind was that I was making a lot more than I was making as a ‘Marketing Consultant’, since it was my passion I thought to pursue fitness full time and build my own brand instead of building other brands,” says Fatima.

Today, she has three boot camps, one in Defence, KDA and at Sindh Club, and we have clients not only in Karachi but in Dubai and London as well.“I am a Health Coach with ‘Integrative Nutrition’and we do online coaching and steadily are growing,” says Fatima.

She does web-series where she conducts interviews of the influencers and her clients such as Aamina Sheikh, sit and talk about body idols and how society has given the wrong message.

“If you are not fair, tall or slim then you are worthless despite all your achievements, and if you are not married beyond a certain age in our society then people start judging you,” she points out. 

Speaking about her journey as a head trainer she explains that many celebrities come for personal training at her fitness studio including Mawra Hocane, Urwa Hocane, Mahira Khan, Sohai Abro and Aamina Sheikh. Other than that there’s a mass training studio, a boot camp where she has thirty to thirty-five women.

Fatima emphasizes that she never gives any discounts to the celebrities and treats them as her clients only because it takes a lot of effort in being a personal trainer.“All my seven trainers working with me are educated and have studied from abroad, and if they join our team we get them certified. The workouts are designed by me,and let me tell you it’s a rigorous process,” says Fatima candidly.

Having a zero-size body, she says is absolute nonsense because no one size fits all.  Having no particular fitness idol she feels everyone is too specialized in what they are doing, and takes different tips from different fitness gurus.

“You are perfect just the way you are. There are many different body idols that are coming up to get inspired with; the celebrities such as Jacqueline Fernandez and Kim Kardashian are more muscular than thin. This concept is coming out now slowly, we are trying to bring it in Pakistan and making people aware, that zero-size is very unnatural.”

Fatima’s inspiration has been her mother and her aunts who have always encouraged her to do what she wanted.“It’s very important to have a strong set of people behind you who push you in achieving your goals.”

Her mother is a yogi from India who used to run a gymnasium for PIA and trained air hostesses back in the 90’s when PIA was one of the best airlines.

When asked about the ideal time to work out, being part of ‘Integrated Nutrition’ which is a new school of nutrition, Fatima explains its concept being a Health Coach there.

Every Body and Everybody is different and over time one’s body adapts to their lifestyle. One of my clients who comes at 11 pm after having dinner around 8 pm, works out then goes to sleep a little while later. Your brain works at an optimum at a certain time and you need certain hours of sleep but as far as workout is concerned that differs from person to person,” Fatima says.

She provides guidelines according to each client’s body profile and gives nutritional guidelines to them, emphasizing focus on nutrition and not calories.

Fatima’s favorite workout routine for clients are burpees which she makes them do every day because it gets results fast and burns the most calories. Three essential exercises she suggests for all clients are: 1) would be planks, it’s a static exercise and really good for abs and stomach and strengthens the back, 2) burpees and 3) squats as they hit more than one muscle group and are multidimensional.

Sharing some of the tips and tricks for living a healthy lifestyle, Fatima says, “Never try shortcuts and be consistent, eat well and exercise at least three times a week.”How big a role does diet play in becoming fit? “Diet plays a huge role because you are what you eat, but I would say it’s 50/50 because when you exercise your body functions differently and efficiently.”

What are the music tracks she uses during workouts? She says anything fun, Beyoncé, and Latin tunes—anything that is upbeat, instrumental. When asked who would be that one person she’d like to transform physically? Fatima replied she would love to transform Faiza Saleem, a lawyer-turned-comedian, who’s entertaining and full of life.